Inflation Is Here: Your Investing Guide as Prices Rise

Green Zone Fortunes editor, Charles Sizemore shares: “With the Federal Reserve pumping $120 billion of liquidity into the market every month, inflation is a real threat for the first time in decades. With all signs pointing to inflation, that can be problematic for your portfolio. Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself…”

[Charts] The Great Economic and Crypto Awakening

This week, the Old School (Wall Street) collided with the New School (Bitcoin), as the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN), officially debuted as a public company. Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares, “A true investor class is rapidly emerging from the speculator masses.”

Two Key Trends Approaching an Inflection Point

JP Morgan is sounding the alarms: The global markets are about to switch from favoring growth stocks to value stocks. [Fat chance] Trend Trader Daily editor Lou Basenese shares why this is unlikely, but why you shouldn’t blindly dismiss the analysis. He’ll also tell you what you should be tracking before you start repositioning any of your portfolios…

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ETF Better Buy: Small-Cap Value (SLYV) vs. Large-Cap Growth (SPYG)

Money & Markets strategist Adam O’Dell shares a better buy in small-cap value ETFs when you are looking for greater growth and exposure. “Small-cap value stocks have been beating the ‘FAANGs’ since the late March (2020) coronacrash bottom. Investors have overlooked smaller companies in the financial and industrial sectors. That leads to far cheaper valuations in those names and, thus, likely stronger returns ahead.”

How THIS Can Line Your Pockets

$1.9 Trillion in Stimulus Is Kicking Off a Dollar Rally

Stansberry Research editor, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares: “There's a wave of new dollars flowing into the economy as we speak. Stimulus checks are hitting American bank accounts, and government spending will almost certainly reach a new high in 2021. Despite all of that, the U.S. dollar has reversed its recent decline and is poised for a rally higher. How is that possible? It's simple…”

Amazon Triggers a “Buy” Signal for this Mega-Trend

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares: “In case you missed the news, Amazon has officially set its sights on a new market to dominate — telehealth. We couldn’t ask for a more glaring ‘buy’ signal on the telehealth mega-trend. But that doesn’t mean you should rush out to buy Amazon’s stock to profit from it!” Today, he tells you why…