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Conspiracy-Buster Edition – The Deep State

By Louis Basenese - May 19, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Snap Election on June 8 is ready to decide Brexit’s fate. But the results could also trigger a massive one-day gain using something we call “Churchill’s Ladder.”


Hell Freezes Over…

By Louis Basenese - May 18, 2017

This geopolitical event — Britain’s Snap Election — is set to trigger one of two potential outcomes. Now, imagine striking it rich regardless of which outcome occurs. Win both ways? When hell freezes over, right? Not when you see this…


The Hard Truth About Stock Buybacks

By Martin Hutchinson - May 16, 2017

Warren Buffett believes that stock buybacks destroy shareholder value. Others think it’s a bullish sign when a company is hoarding its own shares. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to give us the final word on buybacks.

Pink Sheets

Decoding the Cryptic “Pink Sheets”

By Louis Basenese - May 15, 2017

Over 3,300 companies trade on the Nasdaq. Another 2,800 trade on the New York Stock Exchange. And the IPO market adds more companies to the mix every quarter. But many investors are surprised to learn that another dynamic niche of the market exists. I’m talking about the “Pink Sheets.”

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: More Apple Domination and Volatility’s Strange Disappearance

By Louis Basenese - May 12, 2017

This week, I’ve handpicked two charts to convey Apple’s current – and likely continued – dominance. Then, it’s on to a handful of graphics that underscore the shocking disappearance of market volatility in a time of so much political uncertainty. Is it time for investors to rejoice or run for cover?


Dangerous Retirement Myth – BUSTED

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 11, 2017

A large number of Americans lack the money to truly enjoy their golden years. In fact, nearly half of U.S. families are without any retirement savings at all, according to the Economic Policy Institute. But there’s an easy way to give your savings a boost. We just need to clear one thing up first…

Auto Industry

Sudden Transformation Hits Automobile Industry

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 10, 2017

With Tesla’s massive growth recently, we could be looking at the death of the combustible engine within the next decade. And almost every car maker on Earth is working towards building cars that drive themselves. Even the very way we buy cars has changed. Here’s how to cash in on the shift.


3 Innovation Trends You Can’t Ignore

By Louis Basenese - May 9, 2017

Innovation never disappoints. That was the battle cry upon which I started at Wall Street Daily 10 years ago at the top of the oil boom. I’m especially bullish on three specific industries at the moment.


The #1 Undisputed Investing Strategy [VIDEO]

By Louis Basenese - May 8, 2017

It’s a hardly disputed fact that dividend-paying stocks outperform nondividend payers over time. According to data crunched by famed economists Eugene Fama and Kenneth French, dividend-paying stocks have beaten out nonpayers by as much as 1.9% on a total return basis over the last 90 years.

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: IPO Nightmare and the Downside to Record Highs

By Louis Basenese - May 5, 2017

This week, we’re sharing a fresh reminder why you should avoid Wall Street’s hottest IPOs, the single most important data point for Amazon, and why it sucks to be a short seller right now.


When Volatility Erupts: 3 Simple Ways to Profit From Market Gyrations

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 4, 2017

Believe it or not, volatility is actually a good thing for long-term investors. Senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez breaks down three simple ways you can profit from market volatility.


Global Superpowers on Brink of Real-Life Star Wars

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 3, 2017

It’s been more than 70 years since the end of World War II. But global tensions are once again reaching fever-pitch levels. Indeed, we’re closer now to world war than we have been in three decades…