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Uptick in Police Surveillance Tech Sparks New Opportunity

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Feb 16, 2017

One local government just paid a small fortune for a powerful spy tool. And the stock that owns the technology has generated 307% gains since 2012.


How to Play Trump’s Tax Policy in One Move

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Feb 15, 2017

If President Trump is successful in reducing the corporate tax rate to 15% or 20%, hundreds of millions of dollars will flow into the restaurant industry. Here’s why Dinequity Inc. (DIN) is poised to benefit the most.


South China Sea Controversy Could Spark WWIII

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 14, 2017

In the wake of the latest military incident in the South China Sea, I’d like to reassert an investment opportunity sitting atop my watch list.


Is Bitcoin Foreshadowing Something Scary?

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 13, 2017

Bitcoin was the largest gainer among currencies last year.

Friday Charts

Amazon, Online Bookseller Turned Retail Monster

By Louis Basenese - Feb 10, 2017

If mobile is eating the world now, Amazon’s going to eat everything next.


The Hidden Story Behind Apple Earnings Announcement

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Feb 9, 2017

Investors have already begun rotating their portfolios to shed large-cap tech holdings and load up on domestically focused names.

Cyber Security

The Hottest Tech Market Since the Dawn of Cyber Security

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Feb 8, 2017

Reinforcing the nation’s cyber security is a top priority for the U.S. government. Here’s where Identiv’s (INVE) electronic access control system (EAC) comes in.


Why Productivity Growth Is Trump’s Biggest Challenge

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 7, 2017

Trump’s toughest hurdle isn’t the liberal media, illegal immigrants or even Obamacare. It’s the plummeting productivity growth in the United States.


The No. 1 Benefactor of Paul Ryan’s Border Tax Plan

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 6, 2017

Among the most powerful catalysts that I follow are policymaking decisions. And Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is making serious headway on his border tax amendment. Here’s why that’s good news for Boeing.

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: Apple Pops, the Death of Volatility, and Fitbit’s Tragic End

By Louis Basenese - Feb 3, 2017

We’re exploring Apple’s favorable iPhone news, Trump’s surprising effect on the market, and Fitbit’s continued death spiral.


Patent Filings: The Next Great Leading Indicator

By Louis Basenese - Feb 2, 2017

An uptick in patent filings has proven to be a reliable indication of new, potentially game-changing products in development. It’s also an earlier indicator of stock price performance.


Two Simple Ways to Decipher Earnings Announcements

By Louis Basenese - Feb 1, 2017

Earnings season is now officially in high gear. It started in earnest last week and continues this week, with over 250 companies set to report. So what earnings stats should we focus on to help determine future stock prices?