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Think Cash Is King? You’re Wrong… It’s This

By Louis Basenese - Jul 21, 2016

SoftBank’s acquisition of ARM Holdings reiterates an undeniable truth in the tech sector: Patents matter. And they’re setting the table for a massive paradigm shift.

Internet of Things

SoftBank Bets Big on the Internet of Things

By Greg Miller - Jul 20, 2016

We take a look at SoftBank’s $32 billion buyout of British chip designer ARM Holdings — and why the company paid such a large price for the acquisition.

Middle East

Why Now is the Time to Avoid Turkey

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 19, 2016

If it’s profits you seek, avoid the Turkish market. Following a failed coup, President Erdogan looks determined to sink his own country.

Economy & Politics

Japan Is a Bankruptcy Waiting to Happen

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 18, 2016

It’s a matter of when, not if, Japan will finally face bankruptcy. Martin Hutchinson examines just how deep the trouble looms.

Tech & Innovation

Forget Nintendo, This Gaming Stock is Scorching the Competition

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 15, 2016

It’s too late to invest in Nintendo but it’s time to invest in this rising star in the video gaming war. Jonathan Rodriguez explains.


Patents Mean Profits… for Firms and Investors

By Louis Basenese - Jul 14, 2016

As Asian tech firms increasingly move to boost their patent protection, this strategic shift doesn’t just benefit companies… but investors, too.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Why the Brexit Could Spark a New Wave of M&A

By Greg Miller - Jul 13, 2016

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union could trigger a wave of British-led M&A activity, as firms look to diversify out of the United Kingdom.


Brexit: What Next for Britain?

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 12, 2016

Now that the dust has settled from the Brexit, Martin Hutchinson reveals the current and future state of the British government.


Thanks to Brexit, This Sector is Making a HUGE Comeback

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 11, 2016

The Brexit has stirred a major market pullback but Jonathan Rodriguez has a perfectly hospitable investment to hold you over.