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The Long U.S. Dollar Trade Is Very Crowded
By Alan Gula - Nov 21, 2014
Get Ready to Rock Out to Some “Beats” in 2015
By Martin Denholm - Nov 21, 2014
U.S. dollar bulls have grown overly optimistic, a sign that “King Dollar” may be headed for a correction in the near future.

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Prepare for some fresh beats to hit your iPhone and iPad in the New Year, as Apple shakes up the streaming music industry.

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Politics Commodities
Can Margaret Thatcher Fix Obama’s Mistakes?
By Floyd Brown - Nov 21, 2014
Will LNG Exports Increase Your Electric Bill?
By Karim Rahemtulla - Nov 20, 2014
Huckabee’s next stop on his political voyage? London. And we are reminded of Thatcher's shrewd yet effective agenda...

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Speculators say increased LNG exports will raise energy bills this winter. Are they right, or is this just mob mentality?

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Dividends Basics: Fundamentals of Dividends

This lesson will cover the fundamentals of dividends – what they are, how they work, and why they’re exceptionally important.

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