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Space Travel

Beyond the Stars, Elon Musk Aims for Mars

By David Dittman - Sep 29, 2016

Despite the faults in his Earth-bound enterprises, Elon Musk is not deterred from aiming even higher – into space. But he’s not alone. There are others making a move on Mars.


Third-World Infrastructure Threatens Long-Term Growth

By David Dittman - Sep 28, 2016

Everywhere you look — airports, roads, bridges, tunnels — there are signs of serious decay in the infrastructure of this nation. But revitalized water systems may be our greatest need.


Genetically Optimized vs. Genetically Modified Organisms

By David Dittman - Sep 27, 2016

Will Monsanto weaponize the highly advanced gene-editing technology it’s just licensed? Or are its purposes, as they say, entirely benevolent?

2016 Presidential Election

Presidential Debates: Entertainment Over Education, Soundbites Over Substance

By David Dittman - Sep 26, 2016

The first presidential debate takes place at 9:00 p.m. tonight —the latest opportunity for the Mainstream Media to make entertainment out of civic duty.

Artificial Intelligence

Three Sentences That Will Blow Your Mind

By David Dittman - Sep 23, 2016

Humans, computers… what’s the difference anymore? We dive into the world of healthcare, artificially intelligent robotics, and space travel.


There’s Gold in Them Thar Spacecraft

By David Dittman - Sep 22, 2016

Gold is well-known for protecting investors and their portfolios. But it can do so much more. Like protect astronauts and their spacecraft.

Gene Editing

Gene Editing: Do We Want Designer Babies?

By David Dittman - Sep 21, 2016

Advances in gene editing technology, including the CRISPR/Cas9 system, raise fascinating questions about medicine, bioethics and how to use technology to improve the species.

Food & Beverage

Restaurant Stocks: Why These Investments Boast “100-Bagger” Potential

By Wall Street Daily Research - Sep 20, 2016

While many restaurant companies are enduring a tough time right now, their economics are still sound — and their stocks offer truly outstanding investment potential.


How to Become a Millionaire… Using Other People’s Money

By Wall Street Daily Research - Sep 19, 2016

We bring you the story of Rankin Hodgins – a simple man from humble beginnings who managed to turn $200,000 into $6.6 million… without ever adding to his account.

Space Travel

Space Travel: We’re Going to Mars by 2035

By David Dittman - Sep 16, 2016

When Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 exploded on the launchpad recently, it was only a relatively minor setback for the major moves being made toward groundbreaking space exploration. NASA and other hopefuls have their sights set on Mars by 2035.


Sun Hydraulics: Shattering the Morass of Middle Management

By David Dittman - Sep 15, 2016

It’s time to end the mediocre middle-management structure and put that manpower to work in more valuable positions. One company is on the right track…


Surveillance: Your iPhone Is Stalking You

By David Dittman - Sep 14, 2016

Think “Big Brother” is a new phenomenon? It’s not. We’re being watched, and we have been for centuries. And thanks to our mobile-based “always on, always connected” society, we’re only making it easier to be tracked.