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Alarming Study About the Future of AI

A new study by McKinsey & Co. indicates that — in a best-case scenario — one-third of the workforce in the U.S. will be replaced by AI after 2030. And robots are targeting one sector in particular: finance. Out of 300,000 jobs in asset management worldwide, 90,000 will be controlled by AI by 2025. Would you trust your money with a robot?

3 Innovation Trends You Can’t Ignore

Innovation never disappoints. That was the battle cry upon which I started at Wall Street Daily 10 years ago at the top of the oil boom. I’m especially bullish on three specific industries at the moment.

Will We Be Ready When Robots Attack?

One day, a Skynet-like entity could harness the power of artificial intelligence to destroy humanity. The good news is, the technology giants of today are working together to ensure our survival.

ALPHA: The AI That Beats Human Fighter Pilots

I like to think I’m a “young” 45. My daughters, of course, would say otherwise. And when I reflect on the fact that my first thoughts upon hearing the acronym “AI” turn to “Allen Iverson,” now long retired from the NBA, I’m forced to concede their point. I am indeed “Old Man Dittman.” At the...