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Amazon Echo: The World’s Smartest Assistant

Think Amazon (AMZN) is just the world’s largest online retailer? Think again. As technology advances, so does Amazon’s reach in the sector – to the point where it now competes with some of the largest companies in the world in a variety of fields. For example… In Amazon Web Services, it has a mammoth cloud-computing...

C.H.A.O.S. Nails Another Top Stock

The Nasdaq’s spring slide continues. Since hitting its 2014 high of 4,371 on March 6, the Index has shed 7%. Given that volatility, the best strategy for technology investors is to invest in trends that are (dare I say it?) “too big to fail.” For example, Big Data, cloud services, on-demand services and mobile. Well,...

Philips Just Secured a Top Spot in This $94 Billion Market

IMS research reports that incandescent bulbs currently represent half of the world’s lighting. The problem is, they’re a huge drain on our energy resources. And as a result, lighting consumes 25% of the world’s electricity. That’s why “America, Japan and the EU are close to phasing them out [and] other countries are set to do...