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Analyzing Google’s Plan to Rescue the Newspaper Industry

Google suddenly seems keen on saving the beleaguered newspaper industry. It’s reversing a decade-old policy that forces publishers to offer free web content in order to get primo search engine listings. Let’s unpack the timing of Google’s decision and then I’ll determine whether or not it’s worthy of an investment.

415 Billion Ways FAANG Stocks Will Annihilate the Competition

We’ve got two months of good data on the recently launched FAANG ETF (NYSE: FNG) — officially known as the AdvisorShares New Tech and Media ETF. To no one’s surprise, FNG has been besting the S&P 500 since the ETF launched on July 14. Will FNG’s blitzkrieg persist into the foreseeable future? I’ve got 415 billion reasons why the answer is an emphatic “YES!”

3 Innovation Trends You Can’t Ignore

Innovation never disappoints. That was the battle cry upon which I started at Wall Street Daily 10 years ago at the top of the oil boom. I’m especially bullish on three specific industries at the moment.

Six Stocks Headed to Splitsville

A straight-up stock split is a purely bullish event, without exception. A reverse stock split, however, is done for a host of reasons — and not all of them are good. So with reverse stock splits currently exploding, we must sharpen our lens to understand the true nature of what’s happening. So I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to solve the stock-split conundrum for us.