With your money at the mercy of a persistently volatile stock market, you need a gameplan that can handle risk AND earn a nice profit, too.

Traditional safe-haven investments like Treasury bonds, CDs and other fixed-income products aren't going to cut it.

With interest rates at historical lows – and set to remain there for another two years, according to the Federal Reserve – these investments are yielding practically nothing. Less than inflation, in fact, which means you're actually LOSING money.

Fortunately, the best course of action is both simple and easy to execute.

Buy safe, dividend-yielding stocks...

In this current low-yield environment, dividend-paying companies are in demand for two reasons...

  1. You get to own, high-quality, cash-rich companies.
  2. You receive consistent income just for holding the shares. This offsets your risk and provides shelter during market downturns. Even more so if the companies are resistant to downturns – just like the two we reveal in this report.

So how and where do you find the best dividend-yielding stocks?

We've provided the answers in our report: Seven Ways to Find the Best Dividend-Yielding Stocks... And Our Top Two Picks.

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The Wall Street Daily Team

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