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Tiny Market Poised to Explode

Doctors around the world have begun small-scale tests using replacement cells. And the early results are amazing.

As "60 Minutes" recently reported, "Researchers have created beating hearts, ears and bladders by manipulating cells in the human body into re-growing tissue."

The list of early successes is extraordinary.

Yet, according to Life Science Intelligence, "The actual current market represents only a fraction of the potential market."

Indeed, the regenerative-medicine market stands at just $2.2 billion. But according to the U.S. Health Department report, "A New Vision," this new medical market is about to explode an additional $497.8 billion... to nearly $500 billion dollars!

Do the math and you’re looking at a 22,627% growth boom, over the next few months.

Even more urgent, in tandem with the boom, one specific company's lead product is expected to proliferate through the markets, worldwide.

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