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GAAP Earnings: Wall Street's Version of "The Big Con"

Earnings: Wall Street’s Version of “The Big Con”

Earnings at many U.S. companies are falling. A few brave souls are calling it an “earnings recession.” But that’s not the story that Wall Street and corporate America want to tell investors through mainstream financial media outlets. Like peacocks, firms want to proudly announce that their earnings “beat the street.” So with a wink and...

Trump's Views on Trade Prove Costly for Global Economy

Trump on Trade

It’s a topic on a lot of peoples’ minds these days. And perhaps we should thank Donald Trump – and Bernie Sanders, for that matter – for shaking up a process that’s become the functional equivalent of the “smoke-filled rooms” of political yore. If nothing else, Trump and Sanders have helped put the corrupt and corroded duopoly...

Young & Prudent: Back to Earth With Solomon Halpern

Young & Prudent: Bringing It Back Down to Earth

Young and Prudent is all about becoming more mindful of your money, how you’re emotionally connected to it, and how it impacts various aspects of your life as a Millennial. I’ve previously written about setting financial goals, shame around money, alternative ways to live and save, the differences between the generations, anxiety about my life...

Use Simple Moving Averages To Trade Better

Trade Better With Simple Moving Averages

February is finally behind us, and I say good riddance. For the last 100 years, February has plagued investors with flat or negative returns. To be fair, it’s a great month to add to existing positions as stock prices decline – but it’s also often volatile. March, on the other hand, is a month the...

Gun Control: The Best Stocks Amid Fears of More Regulation

The Best Four Gun Stocks to Buy

Completely against his intentions, President Obama has proven to be the greatest gun salesman in American history. Throughout his presidency, the fear of more gun control regulations has sent gun sales soaring on several occasions. In turn, shares of gun manufacturers and gun-related stocks have risen sharply, too. In early January, Obama announced an executive...

Small-Cap Stocks: High-Quality at a Low Price

Another Greatly Exaggerated Death Report

A guest talking-head on CNBC recently declared that we’re witnessing “the death of small caps.” The thing is, I know a guy who knows a thing or two about small-capitalization stocks… and a lot more than that about small-cap technology stocks. That would be Wall Street Daily Chief Technology Analyst Lou Basenese. Lou focuses very...

Young & Prudent: The Backslide to Buying on Impulse

Young & Prudent: The Backslide to Impulsivity

In front of the meditation retreat center where I live, in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, there’s a small retaining pond that makes for a perfect little ice rink in the winter. So two weeks ago – the day after my birthday – fellow staff member Nick and I went to a local ski and...

LabCorp: Opportunity Within Hedge Fund Reporting Season

Move Over, Earnings, It’s Hedge Fund Season

Another earnings season has come and gone. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s (WMT) quarterly report last week marked the end of “the season” for S&P 500 companies. But I’m already on to the next reporting season: hedge funds. Every quarter, these secretive institutions disclose their long portfolios to the public in an SEC-mandated filing called a 13F....

Accredited Investor Definition Expanded by U.S. Government

Expanding the Definition of “Accredited Investor”

Being both smart and rich is every investor’s dream. Some people assume that one needs to be smart to become wealthy. Others argue the wealthy have more opportunities to become smart – perhaps it’s because they’re able to purchase a better or higher education for themselves or their children, or that money gives them access...

Warning: Derivatives in the Hands of Amateurs Are Dangerous

Warning: Derivatives in the Hands of Amateurs Are Dangerous

Warren Buffett once famously remarked that “derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.” That’s true enough in the hands of financial professionals. But what happens when derivatives are nicely packaged for retail investors – offering an attractive yield based on the performance of individual stock indices, currencies, and even single stocks? You get the current...