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Wearable Technology

The Changing Fabric of the Textile Industry

The Changing Fabric of the Textile Industry

While it may seem that the U.S. textile industry has largely headed overseas – thanks to the ever-present “Made In…” tags tucked into the seams of every item you buy – we’re actually about to witness a revival in U.S. textile manufacturing. This revival will primarily be due to the textile industry’s latest advancement, digital...

It’s Official: Fitbit Joins the “Busted IPO” Club

Fitbit: Why the Collapse is Set to Continue

Last October, I wrote a Wall Street Daily article where I pegged Fitbit (FIT) as “The World’s Most Dangerous Tech Stock.” Cue howls of derision from the masses! I was universally panned for speaking negatively about Wall Street’s favorite wearable tech stock. “Louis Basenese is clueless about Fitbit,” chimed one reader. So be it. Because...

Internet of Things and Big Data Are Advancing Healthcare

Internet of Things + Big Data = Top Healthcare

Five billion. That’s how many devices are hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT) today. The industry has steadily grown over the past several years… as evidenced by the fact that three billion of those devices are consumer products. From smart utility meters and connected cars on the high end, to fitness trackers on...

Internet of Things: Five Barriers to Adoption

The Best Play on the Internet of Things Trend

In 2011, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously declared in The Wall Street Journal, “Software is eating the world.” By mid-2013, his colleague Benedict Evans alerted us to a changing of the guard, when he declared, “Mobile is eating the world.” So what technology is going to “eat the world” next? It’s a particularly pertinent question as...

Skully Helmet Is a “Smarter” Way to Save Lives on the Road

A “Smarter” Way to Save Lives on the Road

When Marcus Weller suddenly flipped off his motorbike during a ride in Barcelona, it could have ended his life. Or at least changed it immeasurably, both physically and psychologically. But instead, the crash became the inspiration for a really clever bout of innovation – a groundbreaking new helmet design aimed at preventing other cyclists from...

SkySaver: The Backpack That Could Save Your Life

This Backpack Can Save Your Life

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Well, a small company called SkySaver has taken those wise words to heart. The company has designed what it calls “an innovative personal rescue device as a safe means of escape from multi-story buildings when traditional exits are inaccessible.” More simply,...

Fitbit: The Odds Are Stacked Against This One-Hit Wonder

Fitbit: The World’s Most Dangerous Tech Stock?

“My Sharona” by The Knack. “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors. “Groove Is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite. In the music industry, we call them “one-hit wonders.” The artist notches a big winner, then disappears. In the technology sector, such a fate often befalls tech companies, too. Only we call them “one-product wonders.” They design items...

Diabetes Monitoring: Google Takes on America's Health Issues

Google Takes on America’s Big Health Crisis

Google (GOOGL), that amazing innovator, is turning its well-funded and creative energy on diabetes – one of the country’s most prevalent health issues. The disease is the first major target of Google’s Life Sciences division. It might sound out of place for Google to enter the medical field, but the company’s penchant for organizing and...