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Stop Investing The Wrong Way In Pandemic Trends

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese encourages readers to focus on the under-the-radar names in E-commerce. “Remember, being a profitable trend trader means getting in early, ahead of the majority of Wall Street. The good news is, in the e-commerce sector, that’s still entirely possible…”

Sun Country IPO: Hot Or Not?

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese explains his process for choosing the best IPO opportunities. “We need to ensure that it possesses the five fundamentals necessary to soar in the aftermarket.”

3 Keys To Profitable Trading

Weekly Fortune Alliance editor, Greg Guenthner shares how to avoid common trading pitfalls in our current market. “Let’s ignore the mania for a minute and try to root out some of the bad habits that have the potential to derail your profits in any market environment.”

This Could Be The Craziest (Or Smartest) Investment Ever

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares a contrarian opportunity happening right now in the airline industry. “The market is a forward-looking beast, so investors understand that air travel will rebound eventually. But precisely when that’ll happen is still an unknown.”