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Profiting from Falling Share Prices Made Easy.

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire, Stocks on the stock market move in two directions: up and down. When a stock’s price increases, sellers make money by selling at the higher price. That’s called buying and selling stock. However, there’s another way to trade: short selling. If you know how to short a stock, you expand the...

The New Age of Stock Trading is Here! Are You Prepared?

Gone are the days when you had to pick up the paper in the morning to research a stock, and call your broker to place a trade. Now most trading is done online, or even on your phone. There are a lot of options for different apps you can use to do your trading but which one is best? Are they secure? I’ll tell you the best apps out there to protect your information, and get you trading in the modern era.

To be a Great Stock Trader, You Need to be Bi-Lingual

If you are new to the stock market, many of the terms that traders use might sound familiar, but you don’t immediately know what they mean. That’s bad. If you’re serious about trading you need to be completely fluent with the language that traders use. I’ll go over another 22 of the terms that you’ll hear professional traders use most often.

Guy trading on Phone

15 Need-to-Know Terms for Successful Traders

The stock market is a unique place. So unique in fact, that it comes with its own language. There are a lot of terms that are specialized to investing that traders use. If you want to become an elite trader, you need to know what the other pros are talking about. I’ll explain some of the ones that you will hear most commonly so that you can trade with confidence.

6 Essential Steps for Trading that Everyone Needs to Take…

Many people have told me that they want to trade like I do, but they don’t know where to begin. I can certainly understand that. Finding reputable sources that give you a step by step guide can be tough. That’s where I come in. If you’re ready to start actively trading stocks instead of passively investing, there are a few things that you’ll need, and a few more you’ll need to know.


Why I Trade Penny Stocks and Why You Should Too

I’ve been asked in countless interviews about penny stocks. How they work, why I trade them, how I got started, and being America’s number one penny stock trader, it makes sense! People want to know how I took a modest amount of money and turned it into millions. It’s not a great secret, but many people just don’t understand all the benefits of the kind of trading I do. Read on and I’ll explain exactly why I trade penny stocks instead of using a traditional ‘buy and hold’ method.

Professional Day Traders

7 Patterns Professional Day Traders Use

Analyzing patterns is a large part of the daily research I do when I look for new investment opportunities. When I’m looking for new picks, it’s essential to look at their candlesticks and price history so you can predict when, where, and if they are going to move. Inside, I’ll show you several examples of what to look for, keep reading.

Creating a Mindset for Success

The stock market may not have emotions, but as a person, you do. In this post, I’ll educate you on what trading psychology is and offer several tips for how to mentally prepare yourself to trade with a level head.

Typewriter News

Separating Fake News from Fact: Financial Edition

Navigating the complex world of investing is tough in the best circumstances. When you mix the media in with it, it becomes doubly complex. You have to sort through people’s opinions as well as the facts. I’ll tell you some of what I do to judge both the quality and veracity of a press release.

Portfolio Management

Do THIS…Your Portfolio Will Thank You

One of the worst things I see people doing when they start investing is get too hyped about one market sector that is doing well. They jump all in on technology, or gold, and don’t think about what will happen when that sector falls off. When it eventually does, they are left with a shattered portfolio and huge losses. Keep reading and I’ll share some ways you can protect yourself from the drop.

Bags of Money

This Type of Trading Could Make You a Million Dollars

I started my trading career using my bar mitzvah money. I grew that investment from $12,415, into millions of dollars, and it all started with understanding the equity market and how to trade with it. Inside, I’ll give you some tips so that you can get started, and follow in my footsteps.

Understanding Effective Trading Strategy Starts Here

Equity market, stock market, commodity market, over-the-counter market, exchanges, there are a lot of terms that you need to know to trade effectively. If you want to navigate the markets effectively, read on, I’ll tell you all you need to know.

Mobile Trading

The Future of Trading is Here. Are You Ready?

Sometimes I don’t feel like lugging around a laptop, and that’s why I think mobile trading is awesome. I’ve always got my phone on me, even when I can’t carry my computer. Here, I’ll dig into the benefits of mobile trading and how to choose the best app to suit your trading preferences and lifestyle.

How to Profit Off the Crypto Craze

It’s 2019, and crypto prices are on the rise again. Tons of traders are starting to get back into trading them. Me? I’m not hopping on the bandwagon just yet, read on to find out why.

Stacked Coins

‘Power’ Up Your Trading Game

Trading is a difficult game. It takes a lot of hard work and study to navigate properly. But… there are a few secrets that can help you along the way, like when the best times to trade are. Hop in and I’ll show you.

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My Top 8 Trading Tips for Volatile Markets

Volatile markets can challenge even the most experienced traders. I share my top 8 tips for navigating the complexities of volatile markets. Put these tips into action, and it’ll boost your trading to the next level.