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Wall Street Daily Archive: May 2021

SNAP Back into AR

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese identifies one company that has jumped all in on the AR trend and explains why you should avoid that company.

The Craze in Housing Isn’t Fueled by Mania

Stansberry Research editor, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares: “Don't let the market sentiment fool you. It might feel like we're in a mania. But, we're just in a very tight market. And that means that the craziness happening today doesn't have to end soon. This crazy housing market isn't over yet... It'll likely last longer than anyone imagines.”

Time Is Still on Our Side in This Crazy Housing Market

Stansberry Research editor, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares: “My wife bought a house near our home in Florida three years ago. Her plan was to renovate it and sell it for a profit. Instead of a $100,000 profit, she made more than a $200,000 profit. But this crazy market doesn't have to end. Let me explain…”

Homebuilders Are 4 Million Homes Behind

Today, Stansberry Research financial expert, Chris Igou joins us at Wall Street Daily. He explains that “while the housing market is crazy – with homes selling lightning fast and prices soaring – you shouldn't bet on a crash anytime soon. Prices can still move much higher from here.”