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Wall Street Daily Archive: January 2020

The Coronavirus Is Spreading and the Market is Reacting

The Coronavirus from the Wuhan province in China is beginning to spread and the market is reacting. I’m devastated to hear about all the deaths that this virus is causing and I hope that a cure is found soon. However in the meantime, there is a lot of action in the market that you can take advantage of.

If You Haven’t Done THIS in 2020 You’re in Trouble…

One of the worst things I see people doing when they start investing is get too hyped about one market sector that is doing well. They jump all in on technology, or gold, and don’t think about what will happen when that sector falls off. When it eventually does, they are left with a shattered portfolio and huge losses. Keep reading and I’ll share some ways you can protect yourself from the drop.

Get Your FANGs into the Market

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire, Yesterday, I discussed FANG stocks, what they are and the advantages of trading them. Today, I’m going to cover some of the various ways to invest in FANG stocks, but before I do, Let me repeat my disclaimer from yesterday, just in case you missed it. I’m not an investor, and...