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Electroceuticals: The Future of Medicine and Big Pharma

Electroceuticals: The Future of Medicine

One day, in the not too distant future, you might not recognize the pharmaceutical industry… Right now, pharmaceutical firms develop drugs that interact biochemically with our bodies in order to treat various diseases and conditions. But that’s changing… A number of pharmaceutical companies will eventually transform into bioelectronics companies. Their treatments will consist of tiny...

New Specialized 3-D Printer Can Print Living Organs

This 3-D Printer Can Print Body Parts

Wouldn’t it be great if we could replace injured or diseased tissues in our bodies? Sounds like science fiction, right? Wrong! Regenerative medicine scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have created something called an integrated-tissue organ printer (ITOP). It’s a custom-designed 3-D printer that can produce organs, tissues, and bones that – theoretically –...

Senescent Cells: Study by Mayo Clinic May Slow Aging

Want to Live Longer? Get Rid of Your “Zombie” Cells

For thousands of years, cultures all around the world have dreamed of a “Fountain of Youth.” Various quests have led people such as Ponce De León to search for the miraculous waters. Now, a tantalizing study from the Mayo Clinic offers us hope – not for a “fountain,” but for a way to slow down...

IBM Will Use Watson Supercomputer to Forecast Weather

Meet Your New Weatherman: IBM’s Watson

For all the differences between us humans, there’s one topic that we all seem to enjoy freely talking about: The weather. And there’s usually one gripe in particular that unites us all – weather forecasting! On a local level, there’s an outright battle between television stations as to who has the biggest radar, the best...

Egyptian Builders Create Homes From Recycling

Egyptian Builders Create Homes From Trash

Talk about the ultimate recycling program… Builders in the Egyptian capital of Cairo are turning trash into new homes. Specifically, they’re using all manner of discarded or leftover materials – including wood, cement, bricks, plastic bottles, and even old car tires. The man behind the project is Timur al-Hadidi, who’s bought up land in a...

Artificial Photosynthesis Will Power the Future

Artificial Photosynthesis to Power the Future

At the launch of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition in November 2015, Bill Gates said, “If it works, it would be magical.” What sort of “magic” was Bill Gates talking about? He was talking about harnessing the power of the sun. But not in the way you might think, such as with solar panels. Gates was...

Internet of Things and Big Data Are Advancing Healthcare

Internet of Things + Big Data = Top Healthcare

Five billion. That’s how many devices are hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT) today. The industry has steadily grown over the past several years… as evidenced by the fact that three billion of those devices are consumer products. From smart utility meters and connected cars on the high end, to fitness trackers on...

Ehang 184: Your Own Personal Flying Drone

The Ehang 184: Your Own Personal Drone

When I first saw it, I immediately thought, “The Jetsons.” I’m sure many of you remember the futuristic cartoon from Hanna-Barbera about the Jetson family in the year 2062. Remember how George Jetson went to work every day in his flying car? Well, the Jetsons’ family vehicle is here. At the Consumer Electronics Show last...

FCC to End Cable Companies’ Monopoly of Set-Top Boxes

Cable Monopoly of Set-Top Boxes Poised to End?

Of all the “smart” things we have these days – cellphones, homes, the Smart Grid, utility meters – there’s one big area that hasn’t fully joined the party. Our televisions. Sure… we have “smart TVs” – but the technology around them is still pretty dumb. You know the problem: You’ve got one remote for the...

Uber Popularity Soaring in France: Taxicab Industry Protests

French Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

In recent years, Uber has shaken up the traditional taxicab industry. The cars are clean and reliable. The drivers are friendly. The pricing is competitive. And consumers can track their ride’s arrival, as well as submit payment, through the app on their phone. It’s no wonder the company has become so popular. But the company’s...