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Technology Stocks

Are We Really As Smart As We Think? Or is it Just Smart Technology?

Are We Really As Smart As We Think?

We humans are a smart bunch. At least, we think we are. I mean, we have smartphones, smart watches, smart meters, and smart cars, among other things. Yet, for all this smart stuff, we’re finding it trickier to operate one of our longtime tech mainstays. The television. Far from embracing new-age smart TVs, Greg Miller...

CA Inc Offers Great Value and Big Upside

This Stock Offers Great Value and Big Upside

If you’re looking for one of the driving forces of the current bull market, look no further than the tech sector. Case in point: The Technology Select Sector SPDR (XLK) – the exchange-traded fund that tracks the S&P 500 Technology Index – is up a whopping 229% since the start of the bull market. But...

A Facebook Short We Can All “Like”

A Short We Can All “Like”

Let’s level with each other for a moment. I’ve already checked in on Facebook a couple of times today – once just after I woke up for my Friday morning swim, and once just after I arrived at Wall Street Daily’s Baltimore office. How much time have you spent catching up with friends, “liking” family...

Internet of Things and Big Data Are Advancing Healthcare

Internet of Things + Big Data = Top Healthcare

Five billion. That’s how many devices are hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT) today. The industry has steadily grown over the past several years… as evidenced by the fact that three billion of those devices are consumer products. From smart utility meters and connected cars on the high end, to fitness trackers on...

FCC to End Cable Companies’ Monopoly of Set-Top Boxes

Cable Monopoly of Set-Top Boxes Poised to End?

Of all the “smart” things we have these days – cellphones, homes, the Smart Grid, utility meters – there’s one big area that hasn’t fully joined the party. Our televisions. Sure… we have “smart TVs” – but the technology around them is still pretty dumb. You know the problem: You’ve got one remote for the...

Twitter: Amid Slumping User Growth, Time For a Buyout Deal

It’s Time for Twitter to Make a Deal… And Fast

It’s time for Twitter Inc. (TWTR) to stick or twist. Last Sunday, the embattled social media company suffered a mass exodus of executive talent. If you believe the official statement, Alex Roetter, Kevin Weil, Skip Schipper, and Katie Stanton all “voluntarily” departed. Hmm… consider me suspicious. The timing couldn’t be more ominous. Why? Because Twitter...

FANG Companies: Should You Buy or Sell These Tech Giants?

Buy or Sell? We Rate These Four Tech Giants

In this car crash of a stock market, it may well be worthwhile to focus on the companies that will largely endure whatever investors throw at them. Indeed, companies that significantly outperform the overall market. So let’s look at the “FANGs.” It was CNBC madman-in-chief Jim Cramer who coined the term when referring to a...

Autonomous Cars Derailed by California DMV?

California DMV Squashing Auto Innovation

From the rugged coastline to the redwood forests and fantastic array of wineries in Sonoma and Napa, the area around San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Heck, it’s such a great area, I can almost understand why tech companies put up with California! Why? Well, for as much press as...

Wearable Technology Growth: How to Invest Now

Flex Your Portfolio’s Muscles

Many New Year’s resolutions start off with good intentions, but seem to fall by the wayside faster than you can hit the snooze button. But this year, with the help of new apps and devices that track your every move, many people may find themselves more motivated to stick to their workouts. Wearable technology is...