Sykes’ Penny Stock Millionaires

Typewriter News

Separating Fake News from Fact: Financial Edition

Navigating the complex world of investing is tough in the best circumstances. When you mix the media in with it, it becomes doubly complex. You have to sort through people’s opinions as well as the facts. I’ll tell you some of what I do to judge both the quality and veracity of a press release.

Portfolio Management

Do THIS…Your Portfolio Will Thank You

One of the worst things I see people doing when they start investing is get too hyped about one market sector that is doing well. They jump all in on technology, or gold, and don’t think about what will happen when that sector falls off. When it eventually does, they are left with a shattered portfolio and huge losses. Keep reading and I’ll share some ways you can protect yourself from the drop.

Bags of Money

This Type of Trading Could Make You a Million Dollars

I started my trading career using my bar mitzvah money. I grew that investment from $12,415, into millions of dollars, and it all started with understanding the equity market and how to trade with it. Inside, I’ll give you some tips so that you can get started, and follow in my footsteps.

Understanding Effective Trading Strategy Starts Here

Equity market, stock market, commodity market, over-the-counter market, exchanges, there are a lot of terms that you need to know to trade effectively. If you want to navigate the markets effectively, read on, I’ll tell you all you need to know.

Mobile Trading

The Future of Trading is Here. Are You Ready?

Sometimes I don’t feel like lugging around a laptop, and that’s why I think mobile trading is awesome. I’ve always got my phone on me, even when I can’t carry my computer. Here, I’ll dig into the benefits of mobile trading and how to choose the best app to suit your trading preferences and lifestyle.

How to Profit Off the Crypto Craze

It’s 2019, and crypto prices are on the rise again. Tons of traders are starting to get back into trading them. Me? I’m not hopping on the bandwagon just yet, read on to find out why.