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Robotics: Germ-Zappers Are Saving Lives

Each day, roughly 200 people in the United States die from infections they pick up in hospital, rather than from their original ailments. But one startup is looking to put a stop to these avoidable cases with this ever-growing technology.

Will We Be Ready When Robots Attack?

Will We Be Ready When Robots Attack?

One day, a Skynet-like entity could harness the power of artificial intelligence to destroy humanity. The good news is, the technology giants of today are working together to ensure our survival.

Wendys Moves to Eliminate Workforce

Wendy’s Moves to Eliminate Workforce

On Wendy’s Co.’s (WEN) earnings conference call last week, the fast-food chain reaffirmed a plan that will send shudders throughout the low-wage American workforce. The company will push ahead with self-ordering kiosks – a labor-saving device that’s sweeping across the fast-food industry. But while some will laud this triumph of technology in terms of saving...

A Locust-Inspired Robot That Could Save Lives

A Locust-Inspired Robot That Could Save Lives

If it looks like a locust… and boasts the power of a locust, then it’s… … not a locust! But it’s close. Engineers in Israel have harnessed the attributes of the locust and built them into the design for a new robot called Taub. Having examined the jumping ability of the locust, the team used...

Man vs. Robo-Advisors: Who Will Be the Victors in a Bear Market?

Man vs. Machine: Who Will Be the Victors in a Bear Market?

Wall Street is experiencing a “rise of the robots.” Maybe not quite in the way that Hollywood has imagined for us, but a robotic takeover, nonetheless. Driven by the attraction of very low fees, smaller investors are rushing headlong into the realm of robo-advisors. These “advisors” use a combination of investing-on-autopilot and a cookie-cutter approach....

Marines Taking Robots to Military-Grade Level

Marines Taking Robots to Military-Grade Level

Things look pretty tough right now for the Terminator. Forget “I’ll be back”… some robots are struggling to even get there in the first place. Take Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL), for example, which recently put its Boston Dynamics robotics division up for sale. Having only acquired the company at the end of 2013, it’s not like...

Researchers Working on More Flexible, Robotic Exoskeleton

A More Flexible, Comfortable Exoskeleton

Of all the recent advances in technology, perhaps none are as impressive as the ones being made in the field of robotics. And when applied to healthcare and physical therapy, there are certainly few other technologies that are more life-changing. Far from apocalyptic predictions that robots will crush mankind and take over the world, we’ve...

Invisibility Cloaks: SciFi Tech the Pentagon Wants to Deploy

Coming Soon to the Army: Invisibility Cloaks

When it comes to wanting a superpower, you generally have a Big Three: the ability to fly, teleportation, and being invisible. All three are, of course, firmly rooted in the realm of science fiction and daydreaming. Or are they? Straight Outta Star Trek Back in the 1960s, Star Trek popularized a cloaking device that made...

New Dragonfly Helicopter Makes Dangerous Landings Easier

Take a Look at DARPA’s “Dragonfly Helicopter”

Ask military helicopter pilots about the toughest situations they’ve faced and you’re likely to get similar answers: The challenge of landing in the middle of a combat situation on a rescue mission. Aside from the obvious conflict taking place, rough terrain can also make it extremely difficult to find an area that’s level enough to...