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Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff Explains How to Protect From the Coming Crash

Three Ways to Protect Yourself From the Coming Crash

There’s little doubt that America is one of, if not the, greatest nation to have ever existed. Our unprecedented experiment in democracy has fueled production growth and wealth accumulation that are unmatched in human history. Today, even in troubling times and in spite of pressure from rising competitors like China, the United States is viewed...

Peter Schiff: There Are No Safe Havens Left

There Are No Safe Havens Left

Bestselling author, Peter Schiff, warned me that Bitcoin could experience some heavy selling to close out the year. Well, he nailed it. Bitcoin is down $121 since our conversation. Today, Peter offers a few more clues to investing in 2015. In the final installment of my three-part interview, Peter explains why “safe havens” no longer...

When Will the Dollar Bubble Burst?

Against a backdrop of falling oil prices, the dollar has rallied by nearly 15% since June 30. It’s now among the strongest currencies in the world. But is it all an illusion? In Part II of my interview with bestselling author, Peter Schiff, he warns that a rude awakening is coming. According to Schiff, the...

Peter Schiff Says The Real Earthquake Is About to Hit

The Real Earthquake Is About to Hit

Don’t try to praise bestselling author, Peter Schiff, for accurately predicting the 2008/2009 crash. That is, because in his opinion, the financial crisis wasn’t the REAL crash… It was only a tremor before the big one hits. “Armageddon is inevitable,” says Peter. So will 2015 be the year when we finally run out of fools...