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Old-School Tailoring Just Got a Tech Injection With a 3-D Tape Measure

Old-School Tailoring Just Got a Tech Injection

Chalk up another old-school method getting a dose of new-school technology. This time, it’s in the world of fine fashion. More specifically, the art of tailoring. While places like London and Milan are renowned for their tailoring skills in crafting exquisite, made-to-measure suits, Hong Kong is often overlooked as a center of excellence itself. Like...

Researchers Working on More Flexible, Robotic Exoskeleton

A More Flexible, Comfortable Exoskeleton

Of all the recent advances in technology, perhaps none are as impressive as the ones being made in the field of robotics. And when applied to healthcare and physical therapy, there are certainly few other technologies that are more life-changing. Far from apocalyptic predictions that robots will crush mankind and take over the world, we’ve...

Uber Popularity Soaring in France: Taxicab Industry Protests

French Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

In recent years, Uber has shaken up the traditional taxicab industry. The cars are clean and reliable. The drivers are friendly. The pricing is competitive. And consumers can track their ride’s arrival, as well as submit payment, through the app on their phone. It’s no wonder the company has become so popular. But the company’s...

Anheuser-Busch-SABMiller Merger: Craft Beer In Danger?

The Most Expensive Beer Ever

In September 2015, Anheuser-Busch InBev SA (BUD) announced that it will buy fellow mega brewer SABMiller Plc (SAB.L) in a deal worth around $110 billion. Three cheers for capitalism, right? Well, if you like your beer options watered down… bottoms up! The proposed merger unites two of the planet’s biggest beer makers under one giant...

Swiss Students at ETH Zurich Break Electric Car World Record

Student-Designed Electric Car Breaks Record

In his appearance on The Late, Late Show last week, three-time British Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was asked if he’d ever try his hand at the up-and-coming Formula-E discipline of motor sport. Formula-E uses electric cars, rather than traditional fuel-powered ones. I wasn’t surprised that a lifelong speed junkie like Hamilton rejected the...

Skully Helmet Is a “Smarter” Way to Save Lives on the Road

A “Smarter” Way to Save Lives on the Road

When Marcus Weller suddenly flipped off his motorbike during a ride in Barcelona, it could have ended his life. Or at least changed it immeasurably, both physically and psychologically. But instead, the crash became the inspiration for a really clever bout of innovation – a groundbreaking new helmet design aimed at preventing other cyclists from...

SkySaver: The Backpack That Could Save Your Life

This Backpack Can Save Your Life

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Well, a small company called SkySaver has taken those wise words to heart. The company has designed what it calls “an innovative personal rescue device as a safe means of escape from multi-story buildings when traditional exits are inaccessible.” More simply,...

Toyota's Autonomous Car Turns Heads in Tokyo

Did Toyota Just Make the World’s Smartest Car?

Last Friday, I brought you the terrifying story of a Daimler (DDAIY) truck racing down the German autobahn with no driver behind the wheel. Okay, not that terrifying, really since it was the company’s latest test of driverless vehicle technology – all sanctioned by the local state government. But Daimler isn’t the only automaker working...

Daimler Debuts World’s First Semi-Autonomous Truck

Daimler’s Driverless Truck Hits the Highway

Think of the most dangerous-looking thing you could see while cruising down the highway… A reckless speed demon barreling along at 95 mph? Someone texting or fixing their makeup while behind the wheel? Incredibly, my colleague Chris Worthington just told me that he saw someone reading the newspaper while driving on a local interstate! No...

New Dragonfly Helicopter Makes Dangerous Landings Easier

Take a Look at DARPA’s “Dragonfly Helicopter”

Ask military helicopter pilots about the toughest situations they’ve faced and you’re likely to get similar answers: The challenge of landing in the middle of a combat situation on a rescue mission. Aside from the obvious conflict taking place, rough terrain can also make it extremely difficult to find an area that’s level enough to...