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The United States is winding down its involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re reaching the end of the longest period of conflict in American history. But in spite of these changes, now is not the time to turn our attention away from national defense.

The world is a place in constant flux – all you have to do is look to the Middle East to see that stability is a fragile condition, indeed. So despite a long period of conflict reaching an end, it seems there’s no respite for the weary.

And changes in the military aren’t just taking place abroad. Prominent issues abound on our own soil, as well. We cover it all in the articles below…

Gun Control: The Best Stocks Amid Fears of More Regulation

The Best Four Gun Stocks to Buy

Completely against his intentions, President Obama has proven to be the greatest gun salesman in American history. Throughout his presidency, the fear of more gun control regulations has sent gun sales soaring on several occasions. In turn, shares of gun manufacturers and gun-related stocks have risen sharply, too. In early January, Obama announced an executive...

Invisibility Cloaks: SciFi Tech the Pentagon Wants to Deploy

Coming Soon to the Army: Invisibility Cloaks

When it comes to wanting a superpower, you generally have a Big Three: the ability to fly, teleportation, and being invisible. All three are, of course, firmly rooted in the realm of science fiction and daydreaming. Or are they? Straight Outta Star Trek Back in the 1960s, Star Trek popularized a cloaking device that made...

New Dragonfly Helicopter Makes Dangerous Landings Easier

Take a Look at DARPA’s “Dragonfly Helicopter”

Ask military helicopter pilots about the toughest situations they’ve faced and you’re likely to get similar answers: The challenge of landing in the middle of a combat situation on a rescue mission. Aside from the obvious conflict taking place, rough terrain can also make it extremely difficult to find an area that’s level enough to...

Pentagon Announces Wearable Tech Partnership

Wearable Tech Goes to Washington

We’ve written extensively about wearable tech here at Wall Street Daily – but the latest news in this industry could be the biggest yet. On Friday, United States Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that the Pentagon will fund a new project to develop flexible, wearable sensor technology for the U.S. military. The Pentagon will...

U.S. Government Signs Up for Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike

Groundbreaking Hoverbike Wows U.S. Government

I’d defy anyone to watch the scenes in Back to the Future, where Marty McFly shoots around on his hoverboard, and not think, “Man, I want one!” Alas, like flying cars and other amazing products that we were promised decades ago would be reality by now, they’ve yet to hit the mainstream. But that doesn’t...

Malou’s “Seek-and-Capture” MPI 200 Drone

French Firm Cleverly Dodges Drone Regulations

A man arrested in a Hawaiian national park… Another taken into custody at a New York City tennis match… Two Americans apprehended near the Brooklyn Bridge… What do they have in common? They were all caught flying drones illegally. Indeed, despite the undoubted benefits unmanned aircraft can provide, many countries throughout the world have strict...

RevMedx: Lifesaving XStat Tech Stops Bleeding in Seconds

FDA Approves Disruptive Medical Device

In February 2014, I labeled it “the most disruptive technology I’ve come across in years.” A bold statement, for sure. But here’s why it’s no exaggeration… Based on a 2012 Army study, the technology in question provides a solution to the leading cause of death on the battlefield. At the time, I mentioned that the...

Body Cameras: Baltimore Riots Boost Demand for This Tech

Coming Soon to America: Police Body Cameras

The public outrage over police brutality in America came right to Wall Street Daily’s front door last week. Riots broke out in Baltimore after 25-year-old Freddie Gray died in police custody. The protests that followed have sadly become an all-too-common scene on America’s streets over the past few decades. But it doesn’t have to continue....

iRobot vs. Astronomers in Battle Over Robot Lawnmowers

A Robotic Revolution in Your Backyard

Public Service Announcement: If you’re driving around your neighborhood and see a lawnmower buzzing across someone’s yard by itself, do not be alarmed… It hasn’t chewed up its human operator. Nor has it gone rogue and embarked on a wave of destruction like something out of a horror movie. It’s just the latest wave of...