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FCC to End Cable Companies’ Monopoly of Set-Top Boxes

Cable Monopoly of Set-Top Boxes Poised to End?

Of all the “smart” things we have these days – cellphones, homes, the Smart Grid, utility meters – there’s one big area that hasn’t fully joined the party. Our televisions. Sure… we have “smart TVs” – but the technology around them is still pretty dumb. You know the problem: You’ve got one remote for the...

Twitter: Amid Slumping User Growth, Time For a Buyout Deal

It’s Time for Twitter to Make a Deal… And Fast

It’s time for Twitter Inc. (TWTR) to stick or twist. Last Sunday, the embattled social media company suffered a mass exodus of executive talent. If you believe the official statement, Alex Roetter, Kevin Weil, Skip Schipper, and Katie Stanton all “voluntarily” departed. Hmm… consider me suspicious. The timing couldn’t be more ominous. Why? Because Twitter...

FANG Companies: Should You Buy or Sell These Tech Giants?

Buy or Sell? We Rate These Four Tech Giants

In this car crash of a stock market, it may well be worthwhile to focus on the companies that will largely endure whatever investors throw at them. Indeed, companies that significantly outperform the overall market. So let’s look at the “FANGs.” It was CNBC madman-in-chief Jim Cramer who coined the term when referring to a...

Streaming TV: Winners and Losers From Almighty Media Battle

Who’ll Win America’s Streaming TV Battle?

If you’re a Star Trek fan, CBS just made your day. It announced that it’s bringing back a Star Trek television series. But there’s a catch… In a sign of the changing times in the TV industry, the only way to see the new series will be to subscribe to CBS All Access – the...

SUPERNAP: The World’s Most Advanced Data Center

SUPERNAP: The New “Fort Knox” in the Desert

Data. One small word… but an incredibly massive industry. Longtime readers will know that we’ve highlighted Big Data as a major tech growth trend since we started publishing Wall Street Daily. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, I wrote about a shift among companies towards using third-party data centers. The goal? To increase their uptime...

Twitter: Shorting the Social Media Firm’s Stock

The ONE Thing Stopping Me Shorting Twitter

When the stock market hits a rough patch (and I think the current period pretty much qualifies!) many companies’ shares get unfairly punished and offer incredible bargains. Equally, however, there are the “weak hands” – companies with sub-par fundamentals, whose share prices were being unreasonably propped up by the rising tide. Step forward, Twitter (TWTR)....

Spotify: Users Outraged Amid Muddled Privacy Changes

What Just Caused Outrage Among Spotify Users?

As seedy businesses go, you’d be hard-pressed to find many that top Ashley Madison. While traditional dating sites allow people to find dates, relationships, and even marriages, Ashley Madison’s version of “dating” caters to people who want to fly under the radar and cheat on their spouse. “Life is short, have an affair,” as the...

Facebook: How Social Media King Plans to Crush Competition

Facebook’s Plan to Remain King of Social Media

When it comes to social media juggernauts, Facebook (FB) is the undisputed king. During its meteoric rise, the company simply steamrolled existing social media platforms, like MySpace, LiveJournal, and others that you probably don’t even remember now! Even when Google (GOOGL) entered the fray with Google+, Facebook easily parried the threat with a simple weapon...

Amazon Echo: The World’s Smartest Personal Assistant

Amazon Echo: The World’s Smartest Assistant

Think Amazon (AMZN) is just the world’s largest online retailer? Think again. As technology advances, so does Amazon’s reach in the sector – to the point where it now competes with some of the largest companies in the world in a variety of fields. For example… In Amazon Web Services, it has a mammoth cloud-computing...