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The State of the Internet in Five Compelling Charts

The “State of the Internet” in Five Compelling Charts

It’s not as big or hyped up as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Nor does it generate as much chatter as major product announcements from the likes of Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL). But Mary Meeker’s annual “state of the internet” is nonetheless a...

Today’s Five Most Important Tech Charts, Via Mary Meeker

Today’s Five Most Important Tech Charts

She’s one of the best in the business at spotting major tech trends before they happen. And since we’re all about spotting big trends early, too, venture capitalist Mary Meeker is well worth our time and attention. Particularly right now, too. Each year, Meeker releases a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on the state of the internet....

Twitter: Amid Slumping User Growth, Time For a Buyout Deal

It’s Time for Twitter to Make a Deal… And Fast

It’s time for Twitter Inc. (TWTR) to stick or twist. Last Sunday, the embattled social media company suffered a mass exodus of executive talent. If you believe the official statement, Alex Roetter, Kevin Weil, Skip Schipper, and Katie Stanton all “voluntarily” departed. Hmm… consider me suspicious. The timing couldn’t be more ominous. Why? Because Twitter...

FANG Companies: Should You Buy or Sell These Tech Giants?

Buy or Sell? We Rate These Four Tech Giants

In this car crash of a stock market, it may well be worthwhile to focus on the companies that will largely endure whatever investors throw at them. Indeed, companies that significantly outperform the overall market. So let’s look at the “FANGs.” It was CNBC madman-in-chief Jim Cramer who coined the term when referring to a...

Internet of Things: Five Barriers to Adoption

The Best Play on the Internet of Things Trend

In 2011, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously declared in The Wall Street Journal, “Software is eating the world.” By mid-2013, his colleague Benedict Evans alerted us to a changing of the guard, when he declared, “Mobile is eating the world.” So what technology is going to “eat the world” next? It’s a particularly pertinent question as...

LiFi Tech: New-Age Wi-Fi Set to Solve Connection Bottleneck?

LiFi Technology Set to Replace Wi-Fi?

Whenever you have an emerging, fast-growing trend, it’s easy to get swept up by the exciting potential and forget about the more practical aspects. Namely, exactly how it’s actually going to work. These days, one of the biggest growth areas in this regard is greater internet connectivity. The idea that we can connect much more...

Streaming TV: Winners and Losers From Almighty Media Battle

Who’ll Win America’s Streaming TV Battle?

If you’re a Star Trek fan, CBS just made your day. It announced that it’s bringing back a Star Trek television series. But there’s a catch… In a sign of the changing times in the TV industry, the only way to see the new series will be to subscribe to CBS All Access – the...

Cyber Security: Can You Really Protect Your Online Data?

Can You Really Protect Your Online Data?

In Tuesday evening’s Democratic Primary Debate, the candidates were asked about the biggest threat facing America  today. Naturally, Middle East volatility and the rise of ISIS were cited, in addition to nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands. But it was somewhat surprising that only one candidate – former Virginia Senator Jim Webb – mentioned...

Uber: New Chinese Regulations Threaten Uber’s Expansion

Uber’s Ambitions Crushed in China?

Uber’s got big trouble in little China. The new-age taxi company has stated that China represents its biggest market outside of the United States – and is spending millions to fund its expansion efforts into 100 new cities there over the next year. Hardly surprising when you consider that China is the world’s largest transport...

SUPERNAP: The World’s Most Advanced Data Center

SUPERNAP: The New “Fort Knox” in the Desert

Data. One small word… but an incredibly massive industry. Longtime readers will know that we’ve highlighted Big Data as a major tech growth trend since we started publishing Wall Street Daily. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, I wrote about a shift among companies towards using third-party data centers. The goal? To increase their uptime...