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Top Currencies

Currencies offer a huge profit opportunity for savvy investors. More than $5 trillion worth of currency is traded every day through the foreign exchange (FOREX) market, which is by far the largest market in the world in terms of trading volume.

Look to Rebounding Currency for Income Investing Boost

Boost Income With the Currency Kicker

U.S. investors who buy foreign stocks for their yield are often disappointed. After all, both the principal and income can be hit by currency declines, and some of the yield goes to tax before you get it. This is especially true in 2015 because the dollar has been strong against almost all other currencies. However,...

Yuan Won't Replace U.S. Dollar as Reserve Currency

Why the U.S. Dollar Is King

Over the last several years, gurus and pundits have been predicting that the U.S. dollar will collapse. Many of these “experts” believe that the greenback will soon be replaced by the Chinese yuan as the world’s leading reserve currency. And instead of admitting that they were just plain wrong, they keep beating the drum of...

Possible Cash Abolition Strengthens Price of Gold

Why Gold Looks Strong

Low inflation is frustrating for central bankers. The reason? They can’t lower interest rates much below zero as long as investors have the option of withdrawing cash and putting it in the “Bank of Sealy Posturepedic.” And if inflation is near zero and interest rates are already at zero, then central banks can’t stimulate the...

Is China’s Yuan Set to Become the Next “Reserve Currency?”

Yuan Set to Become a “Reserve Currency?”

It’s a club reserved for the world’s elite economies… Created in 1969, the International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) is an international reserve asset that’s intended to supplement member countries’ reserves. Its value is based on the value of four key currencies – the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, and the British...

Japan Economy Quietly Getting Its Mojo Back

The Quiet Return of the Rising Sun

Many international markets have struggled over the last few years, with China being the most recent. But amidst all that, the Japanese market has quietly put up some solid numbers. In fact, the Nikkei index is up 37% in dollar terms since early 2013. Some of this is due to a weaker yen, which has...

Mexico Trumps China in Emerging Market Pecking Order

Mexico Trumps China in EM Pecking Order

It’s time to turn our backs on China and embrace Mexico by replacing any exposure to the former in your emerging market (EM) portfolio with positions tied to the latter. The EM sector has been a challenging investment proposition from a risk/reward perspective lately. In fact, this summer was downright scary! In August, the MSCI...

Yuan Globalization Threatens Supreme Petrodollar

Yuan Globalization Threatens Supreme Petrodollar

August 11, 2015 was an important date if you follow the stock market. That was the day China devalued the yuan. But from a geopolitical viewpoint, June 9 was much more important. That was the date Russian energy giant Gazprom (OGZPY) agreed to sell oil to China in exchange for yuan instead of dollars. This...

India Is Still the Best Emerging Market

India Is Still the Best Emerging Market

The government of Narendra Modi is bragging about India’s 7%-plus growth rate. The popular catchphrase “India Shining” – first coined as the election slogan of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2004 – is being used widely. But, in reality, the output figures are fudged. And in terms of reform enthusiasm and ability, Modi is no Vajpayee....

Emerging Market Bonds Are Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out: Emerging Market Bonds

Lately, the headlines have been dominated by stories about how badly emerging markets (EMs) are doing. Indeed, EM stock markets are down by as much as a third or more in dollar terms. The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM), for instance, is trading at May 2009 prices. Compare that to the U.S. market, which...