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Investing at Every Age, in Every Stage of Life

Investing at Every Age, in Every Stage of Life

When I was a financial advisor, I aimed to ensure my clients understood that investing is a lifelong process. Rather than a hobby to throw money at every once in a while, investing should be a constant, a way to interact with the economy and grow a portfolio. Of course, before investing it’s important to...

Bitcoin Is Hot Again…But For How Long

Bitcoin Is Hot Again… But For How Long

Cryptocurrencies enjoyed a brief moment in the limelight upon their introduction, even as they promised a new universal payment method for online monetary interactions – with Bitcoin leading the way. Quickly, however, the downside to non-government affiliated currencies became more than apparent. They were unregulated and, therefore, dangerous in more ways than one. Bitcoin lost...

Profit from Trump’s Blind Spot on Trade

Profit from Trump’s Blind Spot on Trade

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are mostly wrong in their sharply negative trade outlooks – especially regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Instead of altogether dismissing U.S. trade relationships with our neighboring countries, it’s actually well worth taking a closer look at our political and economic ties with Canada and Mexico. The U.S....

Dividends Are Cool Again

Dividends Are Cool Again

If you go back in stock market history, you’ll find one item that always attracted the most successful investors – dividends. In recent years, however, most investors have forgotten about dividends as they chased the allure of futuristic growth stories. But since late 2014, the broad stock market has gone virtually nowhere. And guess what?...

Young & Prudent: Looking Into the Face of Spending Temptation Part 2

Young & Prudent: Looking Into the Face of Temptation Part 2

I’ve spent the last two weeks doing exactly what I’ve been avoiding for the past five months. In my last column, I explained how my desire to spend while living in rural Vermont has lessened so much, I’ve been able to save more in the past five months than I have in my entire adult...

When Europe Funds Are Better Than Stocks

When Funds Are Better Than Stocks

Investing can be very frustrating and complicated – even for the most sophisticated investors. Sometimes investors can be right about a market’s direction, but get poor or even negative results because they used the wrong investment tool to exploit the deep value opportunity. Unfortunately, with the explosion of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the constant lure of...

How to Invest Alongside Bearish Billionaires Like George Soros

How to Invest Alongside Bearish Billionaires

There is a conscious effort among stock market bulls to ignore growling stock market bears such as well-known bond fund managers Bill Gross and Jeffrey Gundlach – the latter of whom called the U.S. stock market “dead money.” But now the rumbling from other bears has grown even louder and cannot be ignored. It is...

Saudi Arabia’s Solar Power Planning is Paved in Oil Production

Saudi Arabia’s Solar Planning is Paved in Oil Production

In light of recent turmoil between the U.S. and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), it may be hard to believe that Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s biggest believers in a sunny future for solar power. Last year, its now-former oil minister Ali al-Naimi announced that the Saudi kingdom plans to...

A Closer Look at the Risks and Rewards of Crowdfunding

A Closer Look at the Risks and Rewards of Crowdfunding

The long-awaited crowdfunding rules finally came into effect on May 15, 2016. Listed under Title III of the Jobs Act, these regulations are meant to put parameters in place for what has been, until now, an unprecedented and unpredictable marketplace. Crowdfunding allows start-up companies to raise seed capital – up to $1 million – from...

Cutting the Television Cord to Curb Spending

Cutting the Cord to Curb Spending

A few weeks ago, my colleague Samantha Solomon wrote about lessening her desire to buy, a topic that doesn’t receive nearly enough attention. I’m sure everyone has felt that burning desire to buy something, regardless of whether we really need it. We just want it, and after all, we work hard for our money, don’t...