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Aviation and Aerospace

NASA’s “QueSST” to Recreate the Supersonic Jet

NASA’s “QueSST” to Recreate the Supersonic Jet

A new age in aviation is on the horizon. Aircrafts will be cleaner, quieter, and faster than ever before. If all goes according to plan, that is. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency) recently put forth a 10-year strategy, which will research a number of avenues – reducing fuel use, lowering emissions, and eliminating as...

Ehang 184: Your Own Personal Flying Drone

The Ehang 184: Your Own Personal Drone

When I first saw it, I immediately thought, “The Jetsons.” I’m sure many of you remember the futuristic cartoon from Hanna-Barbera about the Jetson family in the year 2062. Remember how George Jetson went to work every day in his flying car? Well, the Jetsons’ family vehicle is here. At the Consumer Electronics Show last...

Invisibility Cloaks: SciFi Tech the Pentagon Wants to Deploy

Coming Soon to the Army: Invisibility Cloaks

When it comes to wanting a superpower, you generally have a Big Three: the ability to fly, teleportation, and being invisible. All three are, of course, firmly rooted in the realm of science fiction and daydreaming. Or are they? Straight Outta Star Trek Back in the 1960s, Star Trek popularized a cloaking device that made...

New Dragonfly Helicopter Makes Dangerous Landings Easier

Take a Look at DARPA’s “Dragonfly Helicopter”

Ask military helicopter pilots about the toughest situations they’ve faced and you’re likely to get similar answers: The challenge of landing in the middle of a combat situation on a rescue mission. Aside from the obvious conflict taking place, rough terrain can also make it extremely difficult to find an area that’s level enough to...

Quadro: Quadcopter Designed as Autonomous Taxi of the Sky

Quadro: The Dutch Quadcopter Aiming to Become a “Taxi of the Sky”

Ever since Wilbur and Orville Wright achieved infamy with the first powered aircraft in December 1903, man’s fascination with flight has remained constant. From the infamous “Space Race” in the 1960s to new technologies in military and commercial aircraft in recent decades, as well as ongoing innovation in aerospace for both manned and unmanned missions...

EM Drive to Take Us to the Moon in Four Hours?

From Earth to the Moon in Four Hours?

Technology is all about making the impossible possible – and in a story straight out of Star Trek, scientists are testing an electromagnetic propulsion drive, better known as EM drive. Basically, it’s rocket propulsion on steroids. Indeed, the technology can supposedly produce several thousand times more thrust than anything in existence today. If it works,...

Virtual Reality: Walk in Space With This Kickstarter Campaign

You Can Fund a Virtual Reality Spacewalk

Have you ever wanted to see the Earth from outer space? Or take in the universe while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime spacewalk? Well, a Kickstarter campaign from a company called Overview One would make these seemingly impossible dreams a reality. The campaign, which has a pledge goal of $500,000, plans to launch a 3-D, 360-degree camera...

Airbus Wins Patent for Hypersonic “Concorde 2.0” Jet

Airbus Wins Patent for Mach 4.5 Hypersonic Jet

Last week, my colleague Tim Maverick told you about the maiden flight across the English Channel of E-Fan, a new all-electric plane designed by Airbus (EADSY). But if you thought that was a neat bit of work, this proposal launches the company’s innovation into the stratosphere. Literally. Airbus has won a patent for a new...