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Auto Industry

Sudden Transformation Hits Automobile Industry

Sudden Transformation Hits Automobile Industry

With Tesla’s massive growth recently, we could be looking at the death of the combustible engine within the next decade. And almost every car maker on Earth is working towards building cars that drive themselves. Even the very way we buy cars has changed. Here’s how to cash in on the shift.

Austin Voters Say “No” to Uber and Lyft

Austin Voters Say “No” to Uber and Lyft

When it comes to taking the world by storm with innovative, disruptive business models, new-age taxi and ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft are the poster children for “disruption on the roads.” In a good way, of course. Their model is simple: Make it easier for customers to get around, put money in the pockets of...

Ehang 184: Your Own Personal Flying Drone

The Ehang 184: Your Own Personal Drone

When I first saw it, I immediately thought, “The Jetsons.” I’m sure many of you remember the futuristic cartoon from Hanna-Barbera about the Jetson family in the year 2062. Remember how George Jetson went to work every day in his flying car? Well, the Jetsons’ family vehicle is here. At the Consumer Electronics Show last...

Autonomous Cars Derailed by California DMV?

California DMV Squashing Auto Innovation

From the rugged coastline to the redwood forests and fantastic array of wineries in Sonoma and Napa, the area around San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Heck, it’s such a great area, I can almost understand why tech companies put up with California! Why? Well, for as much press as...

Tech Trends to Look for 2016: Part Two

Five (More) Tech Predictions for 2016

Last Thursday, I stuck my neck on the block and issued five tech predictions for 2016. To recap, we discussed how the incredible pace of innovation looks set to continue this year… how virtual reality is poised for a defining year… which tech giant will acquire Twitter… how Nikola Tesla’s dream from the 1800s is...

RoboRace: The World’s First Car Race With No Humans

RoboRace: The World’s First Car Race With No Humans

Combine a 150-year-old invention (the automobile) with a fast-growing, emerging technology (driverless cars), and you have a recipe for reducing accidents, taking reckless drunk drivers off the roads, easing congestion, and lowering demand for large, resource-intensive vehicles. But occasionally, that progress seems slow. Literally. Take Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) autonomous car development, for example. The company...

Self Driving Car: Brain-Powered Cars Being Tested in China

Coming Soon: The Brain-Powered Car

We’ve all heard about the self-driving car technology currently being developed by Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), Toyota Motors Corp. (TM), and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. (NSANY), among others. But that’s already yesterday’s news. Make way for cars that are directly controlled by the mind. While that might be a scary thought to some, scientists from Nankai...

Swiss Students at ETH Zurich Break Electric Car World Record

Student-Designed Electric Car Breaks Record

In his appearance on The Late, Late Show last week, three-time British Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was asked if he’d ever try his hand at the up-and-coming Formula-E discipline of motor sport. Formula-E uses electric cars, rather than traditional fuel-powered ones. I wasn’t surprised that a lifelong speed junkie like Hamilton rejected the...

Skully Helmet Is a “Smarter” Way to Save Lives on the Road

A “Smarter” Way to Save Lives on the Road

When Marcus Weller suddenly flipped off his motorbike during a ride in Barcelona, it could have ended his life. Or at least changed it immeasurably, both physically and psychologically. But instead, the crash became the inspiration for a really clever bout of innovation – a groundbreaking new helmet design aimed at preventing other cyclists from...