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Special Situations

Dissecting Trump’s Border Wall Parameters

By Louis Basenese - Mar 21, 2017

Like this weekend, when I perused the 132-page government document that outlines the parameters for Trump’s wall. The document offers guidelines to contractors who wish to help build the wall. With the wall getting closer to reality, I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to gauge the situation. Hutch surprised me with his analysis.

Special Situations

Hawkish Yellen Kills Her “Inner Dove” With Rate Hike

By Louis Basenese - Mar 17, 2017

Rate hikes are pervasive. They bleed into every financial endeavor — whether it’s a mortgage payment, a credit card purchase or the values of stocks. So I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to do a deeper dive into the Fed’s rate hike.

Federal Reserve

Fed Rate Rise Spawns New Opportunity in Small-Caps

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Mar 16, 2017

While stocks generally cool off seven days after a Fed rate hike, small cap stocks – particularly, value names – are actually among the best performing stocks when rates rise.


How to Play the World’s Most Overlooked Emerging Market

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Mar 15, 2017

Argentina is reemerging as a powerful force in the global economy. And the country is home to the world’s hottest small-cap utility stock: Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte S.A. (EDN).


5 Reasons to Diversify Into Japanese Stocks

By Martin Hutchinson - Mar 14, 2017

With a healthy uptick in GDP, increased political stability going forward and a weakening yen boosting exports — now is the perfect time to diversify into the Japanese market.


Profit From the Rise of Ghost Malls

By Martin Hutchinson - Mar 13, 2017

Capitalism forces businesses to adapt or die. And the age of malls is clearly over. But with a handful of once-great retailers destined for the courthouse steps, we have an opportunity to profit from their demise.

Friday Charts

Two Hot “Commodities” on the Brink of Implosion

By Louis Basenese - Mar 10, 2017

Today, I’m serving up a limbo edition. I’m profiling just how low Snap Inc.’s (SNAP) newborn stock can go.

Federal Reserve

The Best Way to Prepare for a Fed Rate Hike

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Mar 9, 2017

The Fed meets on March 14 to decide whether or not to raise interest rates. The odds of an increase at this month’s meeting have jumped to 88%. Here’s how to prepare...

Options Trading

If the Trump Rally Reverses – Here’s Your First Move

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Mar 8, 2017

Senior Analyst Jonathan Rodriguez shows how to use options to profit handsomely on a stock’s downside – without shorting a single share. The strategy could come in handy if the Trump-driven rally cools off.


Dangerous Gold ETF Lures Greedy Investors

By Martin Hutchinson - Mar 7, 2017

To play the precious metals market, I recommend buying shares of the world’s best junior miners. Just be careful of these types of ETFs…

Federal Reserve

Armageddon Forecast: Fed Releases 2017 “Adverse Scenario” Report

By Martin Hutchinson - Mar 6, 2017

On the heels of the Fed’s new “Adverse Scenario” report for 2017, Martin Hutchinson drills down into the banking sector. Is it possible that bullish opportunities exist?


Trump Vows to Rekindle Coal Industry

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Mar 1, 2017

President Trump has promised a rollback on several provisions of the Clean Power Plan signed by Obama in 2015. And Trump has vowed to make coal “great again.”