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Portfolio Management

Retail Investors Face an Ugly Truth

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 26, 2017

In 2016, the S&P 500 rose 12% on a total return basis. But the average investor’s portfolio earned just 5%. In other words, the market beat the average Joe by more than double. Thanks to an innovative new company, though, investors’ luck could change overnight.

Personal Finance

Stock Splits: Win or Die Trying

By Louis Basenese - Jul 25, 2017

By virtue of its ambitious 7-for-1 split three years ago, Apple strategically made its shares much more attractive to investors. With shares running north of $1,000, will Amazon steal a page from Apple’s playbook and announce a similarly aggressive split? The timing for a major split to happen feels perfect.


The Avalanche Effect: Using Momentum to Your Advantage

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 20, 2017

Momentum investing involves buying the stocks trending higher and shorting the market’s weakest-performing stocks. Today, Jonathan Rodriguez breaks down this strategy to show readers exactly how lucrative this strategy can be.


Legal Mandate Sparks 4X Profit Opportunity

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 19, 2017

U.S. federal securities laws require all publicly traded companies to report quarterly earnings every three months. And the gains that follow a company’s stellar report come quick. Today, senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez will show you the best places to look for the season’s outperformers.

Technical Analysis

Will Volatility Continue to Flatline?

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 11, 2017

The last notable upward blip on the VIX came in September 2015 as the result of a dovish Fed announcement. And it barely moved the S&P’s needle. Is the VIX dead or can it be shocked back to life? Martin Hutchinson’s full report is below.


“Invisible Force” Claims Responsibility for Everspin’s Ascent

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 10, 2017

Is this simply a case where momentum has overpowered reason? Momentum is a powerful force to invest behind. My senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, is regarded as an expert on momentum. He provides a full report on momentum in today’s Wall Street Daily.

Monetary Policy

Trump Pardon Triggers Shocking Move in Bank Stocks

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 28, 2017

The Financial Choice Act will help break the shackles on smaller banks — which were put in place by Dodd-Frank. As senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez writes today, there’s a lot of upside ahead for certain banks.

Mutual Funds

(HOT) Research That Melts Calculators

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 27, 2017

I spent virtually six years in a “finance lab” harvesting it. The research concerns a certain kind of hyperbolic stock. I call them “MARKED” stocks. Warning: This brand-new research is guaranteed to violate your sensibilities. At 2 p.m. EST, I’ll reveal the power of MARKED stocks.

S&P 500

Newton’s Curse Puts Investors at Risk

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 22, 2017

The laws of gravity apply themselves to the financial market just as they do in the physical world. And it’s the fear of that eventual decline that keeps investors up at night. Today, senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez will run through one of the best weapons at an investor’s disposal to defend against shocks.

Food & Beverage

The Whole Foods Secret Nobody’s Telling

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 20, 2017

The truth might hurt, but Amazon is on track to turn Whole Foods into a tech company. Find out why in today’s article. Also, in other news, the retail carnage continues. An activist hedge fund just disclosed a large stake in the owner of Saks Fifth Avenue. The activists are already calling for Saks to go private. Is the arrival of an activist bullish for the company?

Market Insiders

A Strange Trail of Breadcrumbs

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 19, 2017

Is it possible that major insider purchases can be viewed bearishly? I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to tackle the merits of insider buying/selling. As it turns out, transactions must be measured on a case-by-case basis.


EPA Ruling Spawns Black Market for Refrigerators

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 14, 2017

The EPA’s global ban on the popular refrigerant R22 is sending its prices through the roof. And as senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez notes below, R22’s steep climb means huge profits for this small-cap firm…