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The Pope’s “Disgraceful” Wrath Against Trump

By Louis Basenese - May 23, 2017

Pope Francis recently held a very private meeting deep inside of Vatican City. As to the nature of this highly secretive meeting, we can only speculate. But I adamantly believe that the Pope’s private chat will have profound global consequences. After viewing the attached webcast, you’ll never look at major geopolitical events the same way again.


Your IPO “Cheat Sheet” for June

By Martin Hutchinson - May 22, 2017

IPOs are performing admirably in the first half of 2017. Only 10 of 2017’s 46 IPOs are presently under water. With nine more IPOs on the table — led by names like Yeti, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, and G1 Therapeutics — let’s dive deeper into IPOs.


The Hard Truth About Stock Buybacks

By Martin Hutchinson - May 16, 2017

Warren Buffett believes that stock buybacks destroy shareholder value. Others think it’s a bullish sign when a company is hoarding its own shares. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to give us the final word on buybacks.

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: IPO Nightmare and the Downside to Record Highs

By Louis Basenese - May 5, 2017

This week, we’re sharing a fresh reminder why you should avoid Wall Street’s hottest IPOs, the single most important data point for Amazon, and why it sucks to be a short seller right now.


When Volatility Erupts: 3 Simple Ways to Profit From Market Gyrations

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 4, 2017

Believe it or not, volatility is actually a good thing for long-term investors. Senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez breaks down three simple ways you can profit from market volatility.


Trump Performs First Miracle – Resurrects Dead

By Martin Hutchinson - May 2, 2017

Most of my readers remain oblivious to the explosive nature of takeover investing. If you’re among the oblivious, please take notice — Trump is resurrecting previously dead money. The President’s first 100 days in office has witnessed $729.14 billion in takeover deals hit the books.


Six Stocks Headed to Splitsville

By Martin Hutchinson - May 1, 2017

A straight-up stock split is a purely bullish event, without exception. A reverse stock split, however, is done for a host of reasons — and not all of them are good. So with reverse stock splits currently exploding, we must sharpen our lens to understand the true nature of what’s happening. So I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to solve the stock-split conundrum for us.

Tax Reform

Friday Charts: Apple’s Death Curse, Tax Reform and Twitter Woes

By Louis Basenese - Apr 28, 2017

In this week’s edition of Friday Charts, we’re reporting on the biggest potential beneficiaries of President Trump’s new tax plan, the single data point behind my continued bearishness on Twitter and the worst part about partnering with Apple.


New Opportunity Emerges After Trump Trade Cools

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Apr 27, 2017

The epic failure of the Trump administration to repeal and replace Obamacare looms large in the minds of investors. As a result, the sectors that led the markets after the election have seen notable declines recently. But a new opportunity has just emerged…


Gov. Cuomo Attacks Airbnb Hosts…

By Martin Hutchinson - Apr 25, 2017

Cuomo’s new regulation is a serious blow to the evolution of the homesharing industry. The resistance against homesharing is being led by Marriott. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to assess the health of the hotel industry.


Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware on Shares of…

By Martin Hutchinson - Apr 24, 2017

The latest funds-flow data hints that investors are getting skittish. Stock funds are under heavy selling pressure. Meanwhile, bond funds are suddenly in favor. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to make sure our readers are prepared for a correction.

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: Your Post-Tax Day Gift — and the Ugliest Earnings Streak in Tech

By Louis Basenese - Apr 21, 2017

Today in Friday Charts, we’re going to start with the ugliest, most depressing earnings trend in existence. Then it’s time to pivot to an opportunity hiding in a shiny, contrarian wrapper. It’s almost like a tax-day gift!