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Food & Beverage

The Whole Foods Secret Nobody’s Telling

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 20, 2017

The truth might hurt, but Amazon is on track to turn Whole Foods into a tech company. Find out why in today’s article. Also, in other news, the retail carnage continues. An activist hedge fund just disclosed a large stake in the owner of Saks Fifth Avenue. The activists are already calling for Saks to go private. Is the arrival of an activist bullish for the company?

Market Insiders

A Strange Trail of Breadcrumbs

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 19, 2017

Is it possible that major insider purchases can be viewed bearishly? I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to tackle the merits of insider buying/selling. As it turns out, transactions must be measured on a case-by-case basis.


EPA Ruling Spawns Black Market for Refrigerators

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 14, 2017

The EPA’s global ban on the popular refrigerant R22 is sending its prices through the roof. And as senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez notes below, R22’s steep climb means huge profits for this small-cap firm…


Microcap Superstar’s Identity Crisis

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 13, 2017

What happens when a videogame company tries to break into an entirely different market? And more importantly, what do you do as an investor? Check out Martin Hutchinson’s analysis on rebalancing now to find out…

Friday Charts

Tech Trends: 355 Reasons Why This Will Change Everything

By Louis Basenese - Jun 9, 2017

Each summer, venture capitalist Mary Meeker offers up her equivalent of the president’s State of the Union address. Her annual Internet Trends report is all slides. This year’s chart stack checks in at a staggering 355 slides — up 67% from last year. Each year, we distill it down to the most compelling and insightful charts. Consider it our public service.


Investors Pull off the Impossible With Apple Shares

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 31, 2017

Most investors would think that doubling your money on Apple would be impossible at this time. That is, until they see this easy solution.


Stock Market Lull Calls for Extreme Measures

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 25, 2017

The market has cooled off considerably since Donald Trump’s presidential election win. But investors are playing a mellow game of wait-and-see as the president’s legislative agenda unfolds. Don’t follow their lead!


The Pope’s “Disgraceful” Wrath Against Trump

By Louis Basenese - May 23, 2017

Pope Francis recently held a very private meeting deep inside of Vatican City. As to the nature of this highly secretive meeting, we can only speculate. But I adamantly believe that the Pope’s private chat will have profound global consequences. After viewing the attached webcast, you’ll never look at major geopolitical events the same way again.


Your IPO “Cheat Sheet” for June

By Martin Hutchinson - May 22, 2017

IPOs are performing admirably in the first half of 2017. Only 10 of 2017’s 46 IPOs are presently under water. With nine more IPOs on the table — led by names like Yeti, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, and G1 Therapeutics — let’s dive deeper into IPOs.


The Hard Truth About Stock Buybacks

By Martin Hutchinson - May 16, 2017

Warren Buffett believes that stock buybacks destroy shareholder value. Others think it’s a bullish sign when a company is hoarding its own shares. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to give us the final word on buybacks.

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: IPO Nightmare and the Downside to Record Highs

By Louis Basenese - May 5, 2017

This week, we’re sharing a fresh reminder why you should avoid Wall Street’s hottest IPOs, the single most important data point for Amazon, and why it sucks to be a short seller right now.


When Volatility Erupts: 3 Simple Ways to Profit From Market Gyrations

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 4, 2017

Believe it or not, volatility is actually a good thing for long-term investors. Senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez breaks down three simple ways you can profit from market volatility.