Terrified of Bitcoin? Do This…

By Martin Hutchinson - Aug 21, 2017

Covered calls are among the very safest ways one could possibly ever invest in cryptos!


Stay Razor Sharp With 3 Simple Investing Moves

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 12, 2017

The only thing that worries investors more than a volatile market is a calm one. Well, as I mentioned yesterday, volatility has flat-lined. Here’s senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez with three simple strategic moves to make right now…


Reach Max Acceleration with this Options Strategy

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 1, 2017

This options strategy can tactic can put exponentially greater profits in your pocket on a stock’s rise – with far less capital at risk than buying stock.


Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware on Shares of…

By Martin Hutchinson - Apr 24, 2017

The latest funds-flow data hints that investors are getting skittish. Stock funds are under heavy selling pressure. Meanwhile, bond funds are suddenly in favor. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to make sure our readers are prepared for a correction.

Options Trading

If the Trump Rally Reverses – Here’s Your First Move

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Mar 8, 2017

Senior Analyst Jonathan Rodriguez shows how to use options to profit handsomely on a stock’s downside – without shorting a single share. The strategy could come in handy if the Trump-driven rally cools off.


Stay LinkedIn – Calculating the Real Value

By Shelley Goldberg - Apr 21, 2016

When looking at the full value of companies like LinkedIn, it’s crucial to understand how operating margins are calculated. Shelley Goldberg explains.

Options Trading

In a Volatile Market

By David Dittman - Feb 13, 2016

Chief Options Analyst Lee Lowell lays out an options-buying strategy perfectly calibrated to limit risk and maximize upside potential in a volatile market.

Alternative Investing

Options: Free Your Mind and the Cash Will Follow

By David Dittman - Dec 12, 2015

Lee Lowell illustrates a strategy that will put cash in your account while you wait for a stock to move up so you can lock in a profit or down so you can buy more.

Alternative Investing

How to Trade Mispriced Options

By Shelley Goldberg - Nov 11, 2015

Mispriced options might seem like an opportunity, but you need to do your research before placing a bid or offer.

Alternative Investing

Ride the Online Shopping Wave

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Nov 6, 2015

E-commerce is sure to benefit from the holiday shopping surge, but Amazon is overvalued. Luckily, there’s a better play.

Alternative Investing

How to Profit From Patience

By David Dittman - Oct 31, 2015

Options expert Lee Lowell explains how to sell puts to generate cash while you wait for your favorite stock to trade back into your price range.

Alternative Investing

Put-Selling: Get Paid to Buy Stocks You Want

By Shelley Goldberg - Oct 30, 2015

How would you like to buy the stocks you want at the prices you choose… and get paid for it, too? Pretty compelling, right? Well, you can. Find out how here.