JAB Holding: King of the Coffee Craze

By Louis Basenese - Nov 2, 2017

JAB Holding Co. is rumored to be considering a takeover of Dunkin’ Brands. If the deal is consummated, JAB would own virtually every coffee asset besides one. Let’s take a deeper dive into the situation.

Fundamental Analysis

Analyzing Google’s Plan to Rescue the Newspaper Industry

By Louis Basenese - Oct 6, 2017

Google suddenly seems keen on saving the beleaguered newspaper industry. It’s reversing a decade-old policy that forces publishers to offer free web content in order to get primo search engine listings. Let’s unpack the timing of Google’s decision and then I’ll determine whether or not it’s worthy of an investment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

415 Billion Ways FAANG Stocks Will Annihilate the Competition

By Louis Basenese - Oct 2, 2017

We’ve got two months of good data on the recently launched FAANG ETF (NYSE: FNG) — officially known as the AdvisorShares New Tech and Media ETF. To no one’s surprise, FNG has been besting the S&P 500 since the ETF launched on July 14. Will FNG’s blitzkrieg persist into the foreseeable future? I’ve got 415 billion reasons why the answer is an emphatic “YES!”


The Tesla Upgrade We’ve Been Waiting For

By Louis Basenese - Sep 29, 2017

We’re convinced that Elon Musk is preparing an offer to buy Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors. The companies’ symmetries are far too juicy for Musk to resist. Here are three reasons why Tesla should feast on Tata Motors like a lion would its prey.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jeff Bezos’ Radical Obsession Pays Off

By Louis Basenese - Sep 27, 2017

Money loves speed, and Amazon knows this fact better than any company on Earth. And Bezos’ obsession with speed continues to pay off for shareholders.

Personal Finance

Holding my Feet to the Fire…

By Louis Basenese - Aug 1, 2017

The M&A market saw two killer takeovers last week alone – from McCormick & Co. Inc. (MKC) and Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (KORS). Clearlyl, the red-hot M&A market shows no signs of cooling anytime soon. To that end, we’ve designed a way for readers to get positioned before these takeover announcements hit – allowing you to pocket massive gains.

Mutual Funds

(HOT) Research That Melts Calculators

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 27, 2017

I spent virtually six years in a “finance lab” harvesting it. The research concerns a certain kind of hyperbolic stock. I call them “MARKED” stocks. Warning: This brand-new research is guaranteed to violate your sensibilities. At 2 p.m. EST, I’ll reveal the power of MARKED stocks.

Marked Stocks

T-Minus 20 Hours till Launch

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 26, 2017

For the last six years, I’ve been hunting a certain kind of stock — ones virtually invisible to the naked eye. I call them “MARKED” stocks. Simply put, MARKED stocks don’t behave like ordinary stocks…

Food & Beverage

The Whole Foods Secret Nobody’s Telling

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 20, 2017

The truth might hurt, but Amazon is on track to turn Whole Foods into a tech company. Find out why in today’s article. Also, in other news, the retail carnage continues. An activist hedge fund just disclosed a large stake in the owner of Saks Fifth Avenue. The activists are already calling for Saks to go private. Is the arrival of an activist bullish for the company?


When Volatility Erupts: 3 Simple Ways to Profit From Market Gyrations

By Jonathan Rodriguez - May 4, 2017

Believe it or not, volatility is actually a good thing for long-term investors. Senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez breaks down three simple ways you can profit from market volatility.

Friday Charts

Amazon, Online Bookseller Turned Retail Monster

By Louis Basenese - Feb 10, 2017

If mobile is eating the world now, Amazon’s going to eat everything next.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Why the Brexit Could Spark a New Wave of M&A

By Greg Miller - Jul 13, 2016

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union could trigger a wave of British-led M&A activity, as firms look to diversify out of the United Kingdom.