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iPhone X First Look… OMG or SMH?

By Louis Basenese - Sep 14, 2017

Tim Cook took to the stage this week and unveiled the newest iPhones. Cook’s challenge was crystal clear: How will Apple’s latest iPhones send the “usage” needle further north? Here’s our take...


Monsanto’s New Scientific Perversion Terrifies Consumers

By Louis Basenese - Sep 11, 2017

Monsanto is in the headlines again because a key ingredient in its Roundup weed killer, glyphosate, is now officially “known to cause cancer.” Here are a few other perverse inventions the company has engineered.


“Brain Boom” Unlocks Humanity’s True Potential

By Louis Basenese - Sep 7, 2017

Thanks to scientific advances in genetic sequencing, deep neural networks, and DNA editing technologies, a legit “Brain Boom” is upon us. Nothing races higher than a biotechnology stock with a hot new discovery. Here are a few more such stocks to consider when placing your brain bets.


This Walmart Plan Is Stranger Than Fiction

By Louis Basenese - Sep 6, 2017

Walmart has partnered with Uber to expand its grocery delivery service business. It’s a classic example of truth being stranger than fiction. Bespoke Investment Group isn’t impressed. It listed Walmart on its “Death by Amazon” Index. Let’s see what my top two analysts think, and then I’ll render a decision at the end.


Why Driverless Cars Are Here to Stay

By Louis Basenese - Sep 5, 2017

Driverless cars are the ultimate disrupter. Heck, Ford executives now make regular trips to Silicon Valley to meet with executives running startups a millionth Ford’s size. But I was recently asked if driverless cars are any different than the Segway. Let’s review…


Is the Internet Good or Evil?

By Louis Basenese - Sep 1, 2017

A 22-year-old Newsweek article just resurrected itself, and it’s now going viral. It contains criticism of the internet that has proven eerily accurate. But it also raises the question… Is the internet good or evil?


The Hunt for Survivors in an Amazon-Dominated World

By Louis Basenese - Aug 30, 2017

On the heels of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, investors are convinced that every retailer is in Amazon’s cross hairs. Not so fast! Bespoke Investment Group recently compiled an “Amazon Survivors” Index, which includes retailers they believe can survive Amazon’s onslaught.

Security & Defense

Killer Robot Panic

By Louis Basenese - Aug 29, 2017

A consortium of 116 industry insiders decided to sign a loose agreement — one that bans the use of lethal autonomous weapons (or “killer robots”). Imagine a world where gunpowder was never allowed to be developed. Or a world where nuclear fission was deemed too dangerous. Are such mandates a good idea? Or do they thwart the natural progress of innovation — and, most importantly, investment opportunities?


Friday Charts: The Only Asset Worth Buying on Weekends

By Louis Basenese - Aug 18, 2017

This week, we’re mixing in some 1980s music references. So a virtual mixed media investment mash-up awaits you. It involves another friendly reminder to steer clear of Wall Street’s hyped-up IPOs, as well as the only asset worth buying on weekends. Yes, weekends.


The ICO Market is Red Hot with Brand-New Cryptocurrencies

By Louis Basenese - Aug 15, 2017

Bitcoin’s success is spawning a brand-new cryptocurrency — one quietly about to launch. The prospects here are wildly bullish. For my full report on this upcoming ICO, read on…


For Cryptocurrencies, the Future is Now

By Louis Basenese - Aug 15, 2017

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this opportunity in cryptocurrencies in my career. Here’s how it can make you rich – and why I hired a secret weapon to help readers unlock fortunes in this market.


Cryptocurrencies Can Make You Rich Beyond Your Dreams

By Louis Basenese - Aug 15, 2017

Cryptocurrencies are the hands-down hottest market on earth right now. And I can’t say if we’ll ever see another opportunity like it. I strongly advise you to seize this historic opportunity, before the mainstream catches on.