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Personal Finance

Two Small Stocks, One Giant Mystery

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 17, 2017

Small fortunes supposedly await those who play the imbalance between the two stocks. But does pairs trading truly work?

Personal Finance

Friday Charts: Bull Market Stamina, IPO Purgatory and Tech’s Hottest Growth Sector

By Louis Basenese - Jul 14, 2017

In this week’s Friday Charts edition, Louis Basenese is debunking a stubborn myth about stock markets that’s making the rounds. Then it’s on to a dire warning we hope you heeded. And he’s highlighting the hottest growth sector in the market — and the best way to profit from it.

Fundamental Analysis

Achieving Alpha Through Momentum Stocks

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 13, 2017

Alpha is the return on an investment in excess of a benchmark, such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones industrial average. The relentless pursuit of alpha is our mission every day here at Wall Street Daily. Here’s how to achieve alpha through momentum investing.


Stay Razor Sharp With 3 Simple Investing Moves

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jul 12, 2017

The only thing that worries investors more than a volatile market is a calm one. Well, as I mentioned yesterday, volatility has flat-lined. Here’s senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez with three simple strategic moves to make right now…


Friday Charts: Overly Bullish Analysts and the Dumbest Trade in the Market

By Louis Basenese - Jul 7, 2017

I've hand-select compelling graphics to put the week’s investment news into perspective. Here are some hot new charts regarding analyst sentiment, digital disruption and the dumbest trade in the market.

Portfolio Management

Premature Ignition Hit Wall Street

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 6, 2017

The market kicked off the second half of the year on a positive note, with the Dow reaching an all-time high on July 3. Be careful, though! As investors get increasingly desperate to find a bargain, they tend to fall for “value traps.” That is, stocks that appear cheap on the surface — but are actually fundamentally unsound. Senior analyst Martin Hutchinson takes a deeper dive into value traps in today’s video.


Checkmate Silicon Valley in One Move

By Louis Basenese - Jul 5, 2017

They key to successful investing is to always “Buy low and sell high.” But that’s easier said than done. So today, I’ll show you one amazingly simple way to always buy stocks that are truly cheap.

Fundamental Analysis

Friday Charts: Patents, Dot Bombs and the Incredible Shrinking Stock Market

By Louis Basenese - Jun 30, 2017

It’s Friday in the Wall Street Daily nation, time to go to the charts!

Marked Stocks

T-Minus 20 Hours till Launch

By Martin Hutchinson - Jun 26, 2017

For the last six years, I’ve been hunting a certain kind of stock — ones virtually invisible to the naked eye. I call them “MARKED” stocks. Simply put, MARKED stocks don’t behave like ordinary stocks…

Friday Charts

Friday Charts: Amazon, Oil and the World’s Fastest Wireless Network

By Louis Basenese - Jun 23, 2017

Today, I’m serving up more evidence to support my bold claim that Amazon.com Inc.’s (AMZN) acquisition of Whole Foods Market, Inc. (WFM) is all about data, not overpriced organic vegetables. Then it’s on to a cautionary tale from the tape in the energy sector. I’m also serving up proof why now is the ideal time to start positioning your portfolio to profit from the multitrillion-dollar buildout of the next-generation of wireless communications networks.


“Cheat Code” to Riches: The Best Way to Profit from the Semiconductor Industry

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 21, 2017

FactSet notes that earnings for the semiconductor industry are expected to grow by 40% in the second quarter. However, semiconductor names aren’t cheap by any means. The benchmark Philadelphia Semiconductor Index is currently trading at 29 times trailing earnings — a 55% premium to the Nasdaq Composite Index. But I’ve got a way to play incredible upside in chips without the hefty surcharge.

Emerging Tech

The Digital Garden of Good and Evil

By Louis Basenese - Jun 16, 2017

Emerging technologies that seemed like a fantasy a decade ago are fast-becoming a reality today. In the process, enormous amounts of wealth are being created. Clearly, then, as investors, we can’t afford to miss out on this historic wealth grab, right? Or can we? Perhaps it’s time to raise some serious questions about morality and tech.