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Retail Stocks About To Catch Fire Under Trump’s Tax Plan

By Louis Basenese - Nov 21, 2017

Thanks to President Trump’s tax plan, retailers can finally get into the holiday spirit…


Brand-New App “Sounds Like Hell”

By Louis Basenese - Nov 20, 2017

A “Frictionless Economy” fosters free transactions that require virtually no effort. Why then has it been likened to hell on earth?


Prepare for Snap’s Final Disappearing Act

By Louis Basenese - Nov 17, 2017

We warned you about this in October, and now shares are spiraling downwards.


Bitcoin Could Soon Be Dethroned As The Crypto King

By Louis Basenese - Nov 16, 2017

Which digital currency is after Bitcoin’s crown -- and what’s responsible for its rapid rise?


Facebook’s Toxic Stew gets Even Nastier

By Louis Basenese - Nov 15, 2017

How Facebook may be preying on our insecurities. We may not be as free as we think we are.


Green Energy: Lost Cause or Must-Have Investment?

By Louis Basenese - Nov 14, 2017

Roughly 10 years ago, the bull’s-eye was squarely fixed on alternative energy. The fervor has certainly died down. Yet solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric and tidal power companies still exist. And some even thrive. Should we be nibbling on shares or is green energy a lost cause?


Marlboro M: Marijuana Hoax… or Brilliant Idea?

By Louis Basenese - Nov 13, 2017

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw a pack of Marlboro marijuana cigarettes being promoted online. As the story goes, Marlboro’s “M” series cigarettes are available in four states. So are Marlboro “M” cigarettes real or a hoax? And where is the “budding” marijuana industry going next? Here’s what you need to know now.


5 Powerful Data Points (Ignore at Your Own Risk)

By Louis Basenese - Nov 10, 2017

Behind the curtain here at Wall Street Daily, we’re performing minor miracles with data. Data is power, folks. With that in mind, here are five data points currently jumping off the page.

Personal Finance

Kamikaze Investors Get a Lifeline

By Louis Basenese - Nov 9, 2017

The downward momentum of a crashing stock can be every bit as forceful as a falling piano. Nonetheless, people keep buying beleaguered stocks simply because they seem “cheap.” Well, we’re throwing you a lifeline today. If you MUST buy a market laggard, at least buy one of these.

Portfolio Management

GSV Capital: The One-Stock Road Map to Instant “Startup Riches”

By Louis Basenese - Nov 8, 2017

When you buy shares of GSV Capital, you’re actually buying a diversified basket of startups. Positions range from companies ready to IPO to ones just getting started. A handful of these tiny companies have valuations ready to rocket higher, which demands your immediate attention.


Judgment Day for Stocks: Third-Quarter Earnings Report Card

By Louis Basenese - Nov 7, 2017

It’s report card time. Roughly 1,100 companies have reported third-quarter earnings. The data, so far, suggest that the market has reached the upper limit on prices. Who made the honor roll? Who’s being disruptive? And who just flunked out? Let’s find out...


Fair or Foul? Trust in Tech Reaches Alarming Levels

By Louis Basenese - Nov 6, 2017

The Verge just published a fascinating survey. It indicates that consumers trust Amazon almost as much as their own bank. Google was a close second to Amazon in trustworthiness. Is this alarming or natural? Let’s break it down...