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Fight or Flight Investors – Which Type Are You?

By Louis Basenese - Jun 5, 2017

According to James Altucher, there’s always an irrational fear somewhere in the market. It’s the financial version of fight or flight. Except investors always run. Fight that fear and you’ll be surrounded by solid opportunities at a huge discount.


Hell Freezes Over…

By Louis Basenese - May 18, 2017

This geopolitical event — Britain’s Snap Election — is set to trigger one of two potential outcomes. Now, imagine striking it rich regardless of which outcome occurs. Win both ways? When hell freezes over, right? Not when you see this…


South China Sea Controversy Could Spark WWIII

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 14, 2017

In the wake of the latest military incident in the South China Sea, I’d like to reassert an investment opportunity sitting atop my watch list.


Is Bitcoin Foreshadowing Something Scary?

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 13, 2017

Bitcoin was the largest gainer among currencies last year.

Cyber Security

The Hottest Tech Market Since the Dawn of Cyber Security

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Feb 8, 2017

Reinforcing the nation’s cyber security is a top priority for the U.S. government. Here’s where Identiv’s (INVE) electronic access control system (EAC) comes in.


Why Productivity Growth Is Trump’s Biggest Challenge

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 7, 2017

Trump’s toughest hurdle isn’t the liberal media, illegal immigrants or even Obamacare. It’s the plummeting productivity growth in the United States.


The No. 1 Benefactor of Paul Ryan’s Border Tax Plan

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 6, 2017

Among the most powerful catalysts that I follow are policymaking decisions. And Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is making serious headway on his border tax amendment. Here’s why that’s good news for Boeing.


Trump, Reagan, and the Secret Silver Mine in Mexico

By Martin Hutchinson - Jan 31, 2017

The Reagan and Trump presidencies share an infamous starting point, low approval ratings and difficulties with foreign trade.


Navigating Trump’s Withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership

By Martin Hutchinson - Jan 30, 2017

Trump’s TPP withdrawal wrecks one global economy and breathes life into another. Now it’s time to dump stocks in a certain Pacific Rim country.


Trump Border Tax Plan Could Spark a Trade War

By Martin Hutchinson - Jan 25, 2017

President Trump envisions a border tax levied against any American company that has moved its operation overseas. But will a border tax truly solve America’s lopsided trade problem?


Three Bullish Forces Boost Brexit Outcome

By Martin Hutchinson - Jan 24, 2017

Despite the strong opposition to Brexit, three strong bullish forces will drive the British stock market higher in the months ahead.

Trump Administration

Trump’s Defense Picks Are Already at War… With Each Other

By David Dittman - Jan 10, 2017

Donald Trump has picked Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to lead the Department of Defense and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser. But the two men don’t like each other.