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Personal Finance

How to Survive the Equifax Hack

By Louis Basenese - Sep 12, 2017

The Equifax hack should deeply scare you. Heck, it concerns me enough that I took immediate action. Today, I’m strongly recommending that you do the same.

Monetary Policy

Size Matters With This Trump-Fueled Opportunity

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Aug 24, 2017

The next piece of Trump’s legislative package is about to be taken up by Congress. And after a bruising battle on health care ending in an ugly, public defeat, Republicans will be far more likely to work with Democrats to get the win here. Here’s how a tax reform victory sets up small caps for a major rally…


The “Trump Trade” is Back from Dead

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Aug 23, 2017

Ahead of the President’s landmark tax legislation, it’s time to buy stocks, not sell them. And gold miners offer investors the perfect way to play the upside – and cushion on the downside.


Steve Jobs’ Widow Vows to…

By Martin Hutchinson - Jul 31, 2017

Every time President Trump rails against the media, he adds millions in market capitalization to The New York Times Company (NYT). So buying a few call options on NYT is virtually certain to pay off. If you’ve never traded options, fear not. I asked my senior analyst, Martin Hutchinson, to describe options so that a kindergartener would understand.

Personal Finance

Thud: Socially Responsible Investing Meets Reality

By Louis Basenese - Jul 3, 2017

I’ll furnish hard proof today that socially responsible investors — among the fastest-growing demographics on the planet — are playing a fool’s game.


Oil Market’s Dumpster Fire Claims New Casualty

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Jun 29, 2017

After last week’s descent for oil stocks, investors are licking their chops for these cheap issues. But there will be much more pain before the gain here. But that doesn’t mean we can’t profit on the downside. Senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez serves up what could be one of sexiest energy shorts of the year below.

Food & Beverage

The Most Critical Question All Americans Are Asking

By Louis Basenese - Jun 8, 2017

Restaurants have endured painfully slumping sales over the last year — with no end in sight. But as senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez points out, one smart food services company just made a huge pivot that could line investors’ pockets with profits.


Fight or Flight Investors – Which Type Are You?

By Louis Basenese - Jun 5, 2017

According to James Altucher, there’s always an irrational fear somewhere in the market. It’s the financial version of fight or flight. Except investors always run. Fight that fear and you’ll be surrounded by solid opportunities at a huge discount.


Hell Freezes Over…

By Louis Basenese - May 18, 2017

This geopolitical event — Britain’s Snap Election — is set to trigger one of two potential outcomes. Now, imagine striking it rich regardless of which outcome occurs. Win both ways? When hell freezes over, right? Not when you see this…


South China Sea Controversy Could Spark WWIII

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 14, 2017

In the wake of the latest military incident in the South China Sea, I’d like to reassert an investment opportunity sitting atop my watch list.


Is Bitcoin Foreshadowing Something Scary?

By Martin Hutchinson - Feb 13, 2017

Bitcoin was the largest gainer among currencies last year.

Cyber Security

The Hottest Tech Market Since the Dawn of Cyber Security

By Jonathan Rodriguez - Feb 8, 2017

Reinforcing the nation’s cyber security is a top priority for the U.S. government. Here’s where Identiv’s (INVE) electronic access control system (EAC) comes in.