Bitcoin’s Ascent to $40,000

By Louis Basenese - Dec 15, 2017

Bitcoin is officially the biggest bubble in the history of the world. But the mania is far from over! It could be on the way to $40,000 in the blink of an eye.


The Impossible Bitcoin Prophesy

By Louis Basenese - Dec 12, 2017

Bitcoin is now legit on Wall Street. On Sunday night at 6 p.m. EST, bitcoin futures began trading in Chicago. The early action didn’t disappoint, either...


A Clever New Pyramid Scheme

By Louis Basenese - Dec 6, 2017

As Bitcoin pushes north of $11,000, bubble talk continues to pervade. The loudest Bitcoin detraction I’m hearing is quite clever, actually. It’s the idea that Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. Let’s take a deeper dive...


Bitcoin Goes Mainstream on Dec. 18

By Louis Basenese - Dec 5, 2017

Sooner or later, mainstream interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies was bound to explode. What amazes me is how quickly awareness changed from ignorance and hatred to adoration and unbridled bullishness. Here’s why the next stage of growth should begin on Dec. 18.


Bitcoin Could Soon Be Dethroned As The Crypto King

By Louis Basenese - Nov 16, 2017

Which digital currency is after Bitcoin’s crown -- and what’s responsible for its rapid rise?


Crypto Showdown: Bitcoin vs. U.S. Government

By Louis Basenese - Oct 25, 2017

Does Bitcoin lie beyond the reach of policymakers? If so, I’m hearing chatter that U.S. regulators are ready to begin meddling with Bitcoin anyway. But what exactly can the feds do? Here’s what you need to know now…


Bitcoin vs. Netflix: How Would You Decide?

By Louis Basenese - Oct 24, 2017

As I write, Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $90 billion. Netflix (NFLX) has a market capitalization of $86 billion. So the market, in effect, is saying that these two assets are worth virtually the same. But can this possibly be true?


Why Obama Was Bitcoin’s Worst Nightmare

By Louis Basenese - Sep 18, 2017

While Obama wanted to prevent Bitcoin’s rise, his actions actually sowed the seeds of an eventual revolution. All the world needed was him and any copycat leader like Clinton out of the way to uncork the pent up demand. Just look what happened to Bitcoin after Trump was elected...


Bitcoin Revolution Rages On

By Louis Basenese - Sep 13, 2017

Bitcoin has quickly risen to challenge the oldest monopoly on Earth — money. But after outlawing initial coin offerings (ICOs) early last week, Beijing now wants to unplug certain cryptocurrency exchanges, which pundits predict would crush the cryptocurrency revolution. Here are five reasons why the cryptocurrency revolution has only just begun.

Personal Finance

How to Survive the Equifax Hack

By Louis Basenese - Sep 12, 2017

The Equifax hack should deeply scare you. Heck, it concerns me enough that I took immediate action. Today, I’m strongly recommending that you do the same.

Personal Finance

Chaos is a Ladder

By Louis Basenese - Sep 8, 2017

Comfort zones have a deadening effect, weakening us with every breath. So here’s what I’d like you to do, ASAP. Embrace chaos. Chaos can be a very good thing. Heck, chaos can even make you richer. Here are 3 ways you can embrace chaos now...

Alternative Investing

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Has Staying Power

By Louis Basenese - Aug 31, 2017

In its purest form, bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. That is, no single user — or bitcoin miner, for that matter — enjoys power over another. Bitcoin allows you to bask in the glory of a borderless currency — one that lies far beyond the reach of any single government or dictator. But its decentralized nature is only one reason for our current love affair. Here are five more reasons that bitcoin has real staying power.