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Cybersecurity: The Alarming Truth About This Cyberweapon

By David Dittman - Jan 20, 2017

Today, Donald Trump inherits control over the country’s burgeoning cyberweapon arsenal that pierced Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. But the cyber threats to our own freedom and security are just as grave — and we’ll have to “imagine big” in order to protect ourselves.


How Will We Stop the Rise of Superbugs?

By David Dittman - Jan 19, 2017

A Nevada woman is dead because of an infection that was able to fend off every available antibiotic in the United States. How the heck are we going to stop the rise of killer superbugs?

Climate Change

Are We Headed for Another Ice Age?

By David Dittman - Jan 18, 2017

A huge crack threatens to leave a chunk of ice the size of Delaware floating off from Antarctica. It’s a fascinating development. But it’s not necessarily a “climate change” phenomenon.


Gene Editing: CRISPR Patent Dispute Can’t Slow Innovation

By David Dittman - Jan 16, 2017

CRISPR-Cas9 is the big name in gene-editing technology — and for good reason. An ongoing patent dispute holds potentially millions — even billions — in new business. But researchers continue to find new ways to make us better, stronger, faster...


Purdue: Drug Company or Genocidal Maniac?

By David Dittman - Jan 13, 2017

What do you do when a pharmaceutical company creates a drug that doesn’t do what it says, the FDA approves it… and then thousands of people die?


The Two-Party System is Dying… But What Will Replace It?

By David Dittman - Jan 12, 2017

Trump’s election represents a rejection of our country’s bipartisan hubris. But what new ideas will replace the old as the two-party system slowly dies?


Nanotechnology: How Miniscule Science Will Save Mankind

By David Dittman - Jan 11, 2017

Nanomaterials have actually been used since around 600 B.C. But only more recently times have scientists and engineers harnessed the power of nanotechnology for some incredible innovations – ones that could save our species.

Trump Administration

Trump’s Defense Picks Are Already at War… With Each Other

By David Dittman - Jan 10, 2017

Donald Trump has picked Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to lead the Department of Defense and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser. But the two men don’t like each other.

Self-Driving Cars

Will Driverless Cars Kill Their Masters?

By David Dittman - Jan 9, 2017

The intersection of ride-sharing algorithms, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence is a great metaphor for the food chain. There’s always a bigger fish.

Space Travel

Elon Musk Is the Madman We Need

By David Dittman - Jan 6, 2017

We already know that the future of humanity rests on our ability to colonize the cosmos. It’s just a matter of who can get there first. Will it be NASA or acclaimed engineer/entrepreneur/impresario Elon Musk?

Internet of Things

Why 5G Wireless Technology Is Buzzing in Las Vegas

By David Dittman - Jan 5, 2017

As this year’s Consumer Electronics Show gets underway in Las Vegas, we look at the onset of 5G wireless technology, which will boost connectivity speeds by 100 times and be critical to power the Internet of Things.


Is Stephen Hawking Full of Sh*t?

By David Dittman - Jan 4, 2017

Stephen Hawking may know more about cosmology, general relativity, and quantum gravity than anyone on Earth — but his reductionist theory on obesity is full of potholes.