Dr. Steve SjuggerudDr. Steve Sjuggerud

Scared of Multidecade-High Inflation? Don’t Be…

Even though the long-term fundamental case is solid for EWZ from today’s price, the market has been more focused on bearish factors, including the sharp decline in Chinese stocks and concerns about Chinese demand for Brazilian commodities. We are fast approaching August 20 expiration and our option is now out of the money. So, let’s cut losses on this trade.

The Craze in Housing Isn’t Fueled by Mania

Stansberry Research editor, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares: “Don't let the market sentiment fool you. It might feel like we're in a mania. But, we're just in a very tight market. And that means that the craziness happening today doesn't have to end soon. This crazy housing market isn't over yet... It'll likely last longer than anyone imagines.”

$1.9 Trillion in Stimulus Is Kicking Off a Dollar Rally

Stansberry Research editor, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares: “There's a wave of new dollars flowing into the economy as we speak. Stimulus checks are hitting American bank accounts, and government spending will almost certainly reach a new high in 2021. Despite all of that, the U.S. dollar has reversed its recent decline and is poised for a rally higher. How is that possible? It's simple…”