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Louis BaseneseLouis Basenese

Crypto Showdown: Bitcoin vs. U.S. Government

Does Bitcoin lie beyond the reach of policymakers? If so, I’m hearing chatter that U.S. regulators are ready to begin meddling with Bitcoin anyway. But what exactly can the feds do? Here’s what you need to know now…

Bitcoin vs. Netflix: How Would You Decide?

As I write, Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $90 billion. Netflix (NFLX) has a market capitalization of $86 billion. So the market, in effect, is saying that these two assets are worth virtually the same. But can this possibly be true?

The Harsh Truth About Gold

Over the last three years, the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) has lollygagged in a sideways direction. Still, some folks will insist on owning proxies for gold, rather than actual gold bullion. If you’re among those who favor paper gold, don’t simply buy an ETF.

How to Play the End of California’s Historic Drought

So the California drought — the one that pundits told us would last 50 years (or more) — is officially over. Time to gauge the investment merits. Should you begin strategically buying the downtrodden assets, like vineyards? Or perhaps shorting the overinflated assets? Let’s dig in...

Miracle Substance to Trigger New Growth Trend

Silicon has dominated the computing landscape for years. Yet graphene was supposed to unseat silicon a few years back. Graphene is stronger than diamond and conducts heat and electricity far more efficiently than any substance on earth. If graphene is still the future, now is the perfect time to buy.

Out-for-Blood Analysts Condemn Virtual Reality Revolution

When Motorola’s “brick phone” sales came in soft 33 years ago, the “overhyped” cellphone revolution was deemed a bust. Of course, as history proves, 99.99% of the country missed a “rocket ride” aboard the most important innovation of our generation. Well, the same erroneous mindset is now plaguing the virtual reality industry.