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Louis BaseneseLouis Basenese

Good Versus Evil: Machine Learning…

What happens when technology moves faster than our moral ability to use it? Bad things, typically! Yet any astute investor must also know that nothing can accelerate your wealth like new technology.

Chip Merger Mania: Is This Stock Next?

In fact, in June 2015, I singled out seven companies in the chip industry as top takeover targets. Five of these firms have been acquired or received legitimate takeover interest. Yet the buying frenzy is far from over!

99% of Cryptos Will Burst, But…

With Bitcoin above $16,000, most people believe they’ve missed the profits. Such thinking is flawed, though. There are competitive advantages to getting started with cryptos right now. So your timing is actually quite perfect.

Bitcoin’s Ascent to $40,000

Bitcoin is officially the biggest bubble in the history of the world. But the mania is far from over! It could be on the way to $40,000 in the blink of an eye.

Is This the New Martin Shkreli?

In 2015, when Martin Shkreli raised the price of Daraprim by over 5,000%, he was immediately dubbed “the Most Hated Man in America.” Well, a new contender just entered the ring.

Scary New “Hack” Targets Your Face

Machine-learning algorithms are cleverly downloading faces from social media pages like Facebook… and then uploading those faces to unsavory videos. This is the latest example of technology moving faster than our moral ability to use it.

The Impossible Bitcoin Prophesy

Bitcoin is now legit on Wall Street. On Sunday night at 6 p.m. EST, bitcoin futures began trading in Chicago. The early action didn’t disappoint, either...

Jail Time for Market’s Supervillain

The U.S. District Court in Detroit just sentenced the Volkswagen executive who tried to cheat environmental regulations. Oliver Schmidt was sentenced to seven years in the clink and $400,000 in fines. Of course, trusting the ethics of a company becomes a risk we assume as investors...

Alarming Study About the Future of AI

A new study by McKinsey & Co. indicates that — in a best-case scenario — one-third of the workforce in the U.S. will be replaced by AI after 2030. And robots are targeting one sector in particular: finance. Out of 300,000 jobs in asset management worldwide, 90,000 will be controlled by AI by 2025. Would you trust your money with a robot?