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Jonathan RodriguezJonathan Rodriguez

Size Matters With This Trump-Fueled Opportunity

The next piece of Trump’s legislative package is about to be taken up by Congress. And after a bruising battle on health care ending in an ugly, public defeat, Republicans will be far more likely to work with Democrats to get the win here. Here’s how a tax reform victory sets up small caps for a major rally…

Crypto Genius Reveals Everything

Just after a cryptocurrency fork, there’s an opportunity to capitalize on price inefficiencies. The new currency usually trades at a fraction of the value of the original currency and at far less volume. Here’s how to play this situation with Bitcoin’s latest development.

Legal Mandate Sparks 4X Profit Opportunity

U.S. federal securities laws require all publicly traded companies to report quarterly earnings every three months. And the gains that follow a company’s stellar report come quick. Today, senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez will show you the best places to look for the season’s outperformers.

Achieving Alpha Through Momentum Stocks

Alpha is the return on an investment in excess of a benchmark, such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones industrial average. The relentless pursuit of alpha is our mission every day here at Wall Street Daily. Here’s how to achieve alpha through momentum investing.

Stay Razor Sharp With 3 Simple Investing Moves

The only thing that worries investors more than a volatile market is a calm one. Well, as I mentioned yesterday, volatility has flat-lined. Here’s senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez with three simple strategic moves to make right now…

Oil Market’s Dumpster Fire Claims New Casualty

After last week’s descent for oil stocks, investors are licking their chops for these cheap issues. But there will be much more pain before the gain here. But that doesn’t mean we can’t profit on the downside. Senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez serves up what could be one of sexiest energy shorts of the year below.

Newton’s Curse Puts Investors at Risk

The laws of gravity apply themselves to the financial market just as they do in the physical world. And it’s the fear of that eventual decline that keeps investors up at night. Today, senior analyst Jonathan Rodriguez will run through one of the best weapons at an investor’s disposal to defend against shocks.