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David DittmanDavid Dittman

, Contributing Writer

Cybersecurity: The Alarming Truth About This Cyberweapon

Today, Donald Trump inherits control over the country’s burgeoning cyberweapon arsenal that pierced Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. But the cyber threats to our own freedom and security are just as grave — and we’ll have to “imagine big” in order to protect ourselves.

How Will We Stop the Rise of Superbugs?

A Nevada woman is dead because of an infection that was able to fend off every available antibiotic in the United States. How the heck are we going to stop the rise of killer superbugs?

Are We Headed for Another Ice Age?

A huge crack threatens to leave a chunk of ice the size of Delaware floating off from Antarctica. It’s a fascinating development. But it’s not necessarily a “climate change” phenomenon.