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Andrew KeeneAndrew Keene

Andrew Keene is the editor of The Alpha Shark research desk at Agora Financial. That includes the daily Alpha Shark Scanner PRO, the monthly Alpha Shark Letter and the bi-weekly CryptoShark Trader.

He’s also the founder of a seperate business called AlphaShark Trading which founded in 2011.

Andrew’s worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He began his career in the prestigious Botta Capital ‘clerk-to-trade’ program, and would eventually co-found KATL Group.

Keene’s an expert at actively trading futures, equity options currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and commodities. He is a regular guest market commentator on such networks as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business.

His moniker as The Alpha Shark is fitting because he’s in constant ruthless pursuit of any trading opportunity that will deliver his readers alpha.

He’s taught his personal strategies to over 50,000 students over the past 4 years. He’s a began a regular guest on CNBC’s Trading Nation, where he focuses on equity options markets and the trading insights they provide. You can also find Andrew’s contributions at Nadex and Money Show.

Crafting a Trading Plan That Works for You

Find out what you can do to make money off the energy sector after a long signal fired on the AlphaShark Scanner. Then, learn about yourself as a trader by distinguishing which of these characteristics match your personality overall. From there, you can better understand what choices you need to make to be the best trader you can be.