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Trading on Expiration Friday

Happy “expiration day!” On Friday’s like today you can see wild price action and huge levels of orderflow as traders look to close out their expiring positions and roll them to the next options expiration. Here’s what you need to know...


The Different Ways That Stocks Can Move

Most people think that to get the most success out of the stock market you simply need to have a good read on whether stocks will move up or down. It’s not that simple, though. Here are the different ways that a stock can move and how you can best approach these setups for maximum profit...


Learn to Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager

Why are hedge funds so much more successful than the average individual trader? Sure, not all hedge funds are successful but their rates of success far surpass those of the rest of the trading public. Are they really just that much smarter? What drives their competitive advantage? Read on for details...