The Secret to Developing Your Penny Stock Mindset

The Secret to Developing Your Penny Stock Mindset

Yesterday I introduced you to the 10 steps to succeed with pennystocking. This guide I am providing you with, is long and in-depth. It’ll give you everything you need to become a penny stock master. Let’s jump into the first two, and most important, steps in this issue.

Terms Every Trader NEEDS to Know

As we move closer to the new year, many people resolve to make better choices financially, and to do that you need to educate yourself. So in an effort to help you start your new year right, I’ve compiled need to know information for traders as we enter the end of 2019.

I’d Rather Be Pete Rose than Babe Ruth

My trading style is different from many traders. I don’t look for home runs. I’m always looking for solid safe singles. It’s the only way to trade penny stocks long term. Read on and I’ll show you what I mean.

How to Pick Stocks the “New Way”

People keep asking how I spot my trades so quickly. First, I don’t nail every opportunity. I misjudge sometimes — that’s part of trading. But it’s not rocket science. It really comes down to a few very basic ideas. I could say it in six words…