Turn Losses into Profits with THIS Tool

The best way to teach you about why a trading plan is so important is probably through a real life example from my own trades. So I’ll recap August 15th for you, and show you how a trading plan turned a bad day, into a profitable one.

How to Defy Hope…and Win

When you trade, you need a strategy, so that you don’t get stuck holding, and hoping, and watching your funds drain away faster than water in a sieve.

5 Things You Need to Jot Down in Your Journal

I know we’ve been talking a bit about trading journals and how they are an essential tool to fine-tuning your strategy and learning about yourself as a trader. I’ve got five more things that you need to be paying attention to when you start recording…

Traders: What’s Your Type?

Okay, so you get the point that a trading journal can be effective. But how can you boost your potential for optimal success with it? Let’s go over some key tips today.

Why Keeping a Journal Isn’t Optional

A trading journal can help you improve your setups exponentially by using your own experiences as data to analyze and help foster improvement and refinement in your trading. Intrigued? Here, you’ll learn all about how to create and maintain an effective trading journal.

How Much Should You Invest?

You can calculate your initial investment using an initial investment formula, but you need to be comfortable with the amount you are investing. If not, it’s moot.

Like a Bull Pattern in a China Shop

I love patterns. Patterns are a large part of what I analyze when I’m looking for stocks to trade. There are countless types of patterns that traders look for, but there are three specific ones that I use frequently. I’ll share them with you and how you can use them in your trades.