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Achieving Alpha Through Momentum Stocks

Alpha is the return on an investment in excess of a benchmark, such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones industrial average. The relentless pursuit of alpha is our mission every day here at Wall Street Daily. Here’s how to achieve alpha through momentum investing.

Will Volatility Continue to Flatline?

Will Volatility Continue to Flatline?

The last notable upward blip on the VIX came in September 2015 as the result of a dovish Fed announcement. And it barely moved the S&P’s needle. Is the VIX dead or can it be shocked back to life? Martin Hutchinson’s full report is below.

Premature Ignition Hit Wall Street

Premature Ignition Hit Wall Street

The market kicked off the second half of the year on a positive note, with the Dow reaching an all-time high on July 3. Be careful, though! As investors get increasingly desperate to find a bargain, they tend to fall for “value traps.” That is, stocks that appear cheap on the surface — but are actually fundamentally unsound. Senior analyst Martin Hutchinson takes a deeper dive into value traps in today’s video.

Checkmate Silicon Valley in One Move

They key to successful investing is to always “Buy low and sell high.” But that’s easier said than done. So today, I’ll show you one amazingly simple way to always buy stocks that are truly cheap.