Oil Painting, Stock Trading, and This Tool

Personally, I’m not one to use “advanced” technical indicators in my trading. It’s simply not my style. That said, you should still know about a wide variety of trading strategies and understand those techniques, as I do, so that if you find a particular strategy you like, you’re able to add it to your trading toolbox.

Professor Sykes is Here, and Class is in Session

The resources available to new traders didn’t exist when I started trading, so I pretty much had to teach myself to trade. Because of that, I learned a lot of things the hard way. I came up with my own rules for trading that I stuck by and turned me into the millionaire I am today. Along with the rules I follow when placing trades, I also have lists of things to avoid when trading. Yesterday, we covered 3 items on my list of things to avoid, today, we will go over the other 7. Let’s jump back in today with number four on my list…

5 Simple Steps to Collect Easy Money

Dividend stocks can be a great way to build your account over time. It’s a classic strategy that has been used forever on Wall Street, but that doesn’t mean that is without risk. I’ll explain how to look for high dividend stocks and minimize your risk.

Watch Money Roll in with This Simple Strategy

I don’t often talk about trading techniques that don’t directly deal with penny stocks. But to be a well rounded trader, you need to know about all different types of investment strategies. As markets change, you need to be able to adapt, and you well know, knowledge is power.

If You Don’t Use This Tool, Your Trades Could be Doomed

Yesterday, I dove into stock liquidity and why it’s so important to analyze before you begin trading. After my rant, you should have the importance of liquidity burned into your brain. So how do you find penny stocks that will be lucrative and have good liquidity?

9 Tips for the Early Bird Trader

If you’re thinking of trying pre-market trading, there are a few key differences you need to be aware of. So make sure you first learn a ton about the process. These 9 guidelines have been helpful for my trading.