Archive: July 2019

Wall Street in NY

How to Become the Next ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Many people want to know how they can become professional traders. There are two major types of traders. I’ll tell you the steps you would need to take to be an Institution Trader, and why you should think about a better alternative.

Inflated Profits in a Deflated Economy

Inflation is a term that many traders are familiar with, but deflation on the other hand is a bit more complex and misunderstood. I’ll cover exactly what deflation is, and share my tips on how to navigate the market, even during a deflationary period.

My Secret to Finding Your Perfect Brokerage

My Secret to Finding Your Perfect Brokerage

If you are looking to day trade, you are going to need a brokerage that allows you to trade when you want, at a price you are willing to pay. I’ll give you my insight on what to look for, what to avoid, and some good companies to check out.