Archive: April 2020

Volatility Trading Tips and Q&A

More volatility lessons! We’ve been covering this all week because it’s so important... 3 tips for trading volatile stocks... Answers to two questions I’ve been getting from students...

The 5 Ps of Coronavirus OTC Stocks

OTC stocks have been on fire... The #1 lesson you need to learn before you find success with OTC stocks… What haters and newbies always say because they don’t understand the “5 P’s”

The Crucial Differences Between Traders and Investors

Happy Tuesday, Penny Stock Millionaires!, Few people understand the difference between an investor and trader. When talking about how your money can make more money, the words “investor” and “trader” are often used interchangeably… but they most certainly shouldn’t be. The reality is that while investors and traders are two completely different participants in the...

Can You Afford to Think?

A growth mindset is critical for traders. If you aren’t willing to develop a growth mindset you’ll never succeed long term. I’ll go over some steps that you can take to start developing a growth mindset in your trading.

Do You Have the Right Mindset?

Trading is as much a mental game as it is a technical game. If you don’t believe that you are going to succeed as a trader, chances are you won’t. You need to get into the right mindset as a trader or you’ll never make it.

How THIS Can Line Your Pockets

How Much Should You Invest?

You can calculate your initial investment using an initial investment formula, but you need to be comfortable with the amount you are investing. If not, it’s moot.

Put All Your Trading Options on the Table

Options are one of the most complex types of investment out there. I primarily trade penny stocks, but I want you to be a well rounded trader, so today, I’m going to cover how to trade options, and how you can profit from them.