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I Personally Confronted the Fed

Paradigm Press editor, and ex-Wall Street Insider Dr. Nomi Prins shares the story of the shocking invitation she received from the Federal Reserve Bank to speak at their annual conference with the IMF and the World Bank. “I was in shock. But I was assured they knew exactly who I was and that the invitation wasn’t a mistake. I couldn’t say no. I had a chance to personally confront the Fed and give them a piece of my mind.”

3 Questions for Choosing the Best Trades

[Charts] Will Small-Caps Bounce Back?

Dear Wall Street Daily Reader, If you’re a regular Trend Trader Daily reader, you know the drill by now. So go ahead and scroll down. For the newbies, here’s the deal… Once a week or so, I embrace the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And I select a handful of graphics...

THIS Can Move a Stock Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

My Top Stocks To Buy RIGHT NOW

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares insight on how a single tweak can do big things for your profits - while minimizing your risk. “This outperformance happens on every stock exchange, over every time period, in all market conditions.”

How To Profit From Zoom’s “Timeout”

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares an obvious beneficiary as work-from-home exhaustion reaches untenable levels.“In the history of air travel, there’s probably never been more pent-up demand as right now. And once again, the data reveals it’s starting to be released....”

The Dangers Of A Buy-And-Hold Nest Egg

Green Zone Fortunes editor, Charles Sizemore shares the pros - and the cons - of the buy and hold. “In the real world, stock returns do not follow a straight line — they vary wildly over years or even decades. If there is a timing mismatch, for example, if your retirement’s early years correspond to a bear market, you can have a real problem.”

Picking the Right Stock: My 3 Tips

[Charts] Three Market Records to Trade Around

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares some telling charts featuring three market records to trade around. “The Fed is adamant that we still have a few more years of low interest rates. But it never hurts to start thinking about where we should look to allocate our portfolios in a rising interest rate environment.”

Here’s How The Financial “Reset” Happens

Stansberry Research cryptocurrency expert, Eric Wade believes crypto is quickly decimating banks - and the time to embrace change is now. ”The path from here to there will be rocky, but it will mint an entirely new class of millionaires – and likely billionaires, too.”

Quick Gains On These COVID Diagnostic Companies?

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares two more leading diagnostic companies that are prime for takeover. “While gains of 500% might not be on the table anymore, there’s definitely a chance to earn a quick 50% to 100% if you act fast.”

💸 3 Ways To Invest Your Stimulus Check

Green Zone Fortunes editor, Charles Sizemore shares three smart ways you could invest your upcoming stimulus check. “For most Americans, the COVID-19 pandemic represented an inconvenience, not a major financial setback. So, you could blow that extra money on a trip to Disney World. Or you could get a head start on your savings for 2021...”

“This Is What a Bubble Looks Like”

Readers are continually asking if we're in a bubble. They want to know if there's still time to invest in stocks or if it's safer to stay out of the market. Today, Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris shows you exactly what a bubble looks like and why he thinks we're headed for a crash landing...

10 Easy Ways to Find Top Biotech Stocks

Dear Wall Street Daily Reader, For the better part of 18 months now, I’ve been banging the table on biotech stocks — and it’s paid handsome dividends. But one reader recently challenged me on this… “It’s easy for you to say, ‘Buy biotech!’ and then find compelling biotech companies because you’re an analyst. It’s not...

Now Is the Time to Get Serious About Investing in Cryptos

Stansberry Research cryptocurrency expert, Eric Wade, says, "Cryptos are set to thrive over the next year.” In today's issue, Eric explains why now is the time to consider investing in cryptos, how blockchain works, and why 2021 could see even better gains than 2020...

Buy The Dip & Watch SPAC BOOM

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares how investors can profit from the flashiest trend in finance. “A proper ‘investor first’ foundation has been laid for a massive SPAC boom. And make no mistake, we’re living in SPAC boom times right now…”

5 Ways To Prepare For Any Market Environment

Extreme Value editor, Dan Ferris shares five simple strategies that can help you make sure you’re ready for anything as an investor. “Today, I'll discuss how to manage your portfolio in the face of uncertainty. Instead of relying on predictions, you can be ready for anything in the markets this year.”

Keep Buying the Dips in These 3 Sectors

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares his personal recommendations on buying the dip in three key sectors. “The market’s having a conniption right now as interest rates rise, stoking inflation concerns. But please don’t join in on the near-sighted panic!”

Profit Alert! One Tech Powering the Future of Cars

Technology Profits Confidential editor, Ray Blanco shares a profitable tech opportunity at a great price. “If you want a piece of the EV market, your best bet may not be to buy the car company with the most attractive vehicle. You want to look at companies that are working on the battery tech that will power the future of the auto market. ”

[Charts] The Next Massive Mania-Trend

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares a handful of charts that put recent investment news into perspective. “The recent market sell-off is healthy. It’s a prime opportunity to add to positions you love at cheaper prices.”