Archive: February 2021

Let’s All Go To The Movies?

Great Stuff editor, Joseph Hargett explains why AMC is now poised to actually win big post-pandemic. “The company will survive, and it will come out of the pandemic leaner and better capitalized than when it went in.”

[Charts] Roasting Shorts and the Fake-Brain Boom

If you think the GameStop Corp. (GME) saga only involves a small handful of heavily-shorted stocks, think again… Pretty much every heavily-shorted stock in the Russell 3000 with a nose-bleed valuation is surging. But that does NOT mean a GME endorsement. So, where SHOULD you be investing? Glad you asked…

Don’t Buy Any Covid-19 Vaccine Stocks Until You Read This

With shares of Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) doubling during the last few weeks of January — and surging more than 3,000% over the last year — investors are on the lookout for the next Covid-19 vaccine stock set to soar. But it’s no easy task. There are currently 4,636 Covid-19 treatments and trials underway. Sorting through all those trials quickly enough to identify any actionable opportunities might seem like mission impossible. But, Trend Trader Daily editor and founder, Lou Basenese, is going to help you do exactly that.

Biotech Boom 2.0

Trend Trader Daily editor and founder, Lou Basenese, is back with his prediction on 2021’s top performer: biotech. “It’s now become vital to survival. Literally. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.” Read on to find out why, and how you can get in on the Biotech Boom 2.0.

[Charts] An E-Comm Explosion And A Budding IPO Opportunity

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares insightful charts on the biggest internet boom unfolding right now. “Add it all up, and the surge in demand and supply of goods makes for a rare synergistic push-and-pull dynamic — the kind of dynamic that’s ideal for investment.”

Stop Investing The Wrong Way In Pandemic Trends

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese encourages readers to focus on the under-the-radar names in E-commerce. “Remember, being a profitable trend trader means getting in early, ahead of the majority of Wall Street. The good news is, in the e-commerce sector, that’s still entirely possible…”

Sun Country IPO: Hot Or Not?

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese explains his process for choosing the best IPO opportunities. “We need to ensure that it possesses the five fundamentals necessary to soar in the aftermarket.”

3 Keys To Profitable Trading

Weekly Fortune Alliance editor, Greg Guenthner shares how to avoid common trading pitfalls in our current market. “Let’s ignore the mania for a minute and try to root out some of the bad habits that have the potential to derail your profits in any market environment.”

This Could Be The Craziest (Or Smartest) Investment Ever

Trend Trader Daily editor, Lou Basenese shares a contrarian opportunity happening right now in the airline industry. “The market is a forward-looking beast, so investors understand that air travel will rebound eventually. But precisely when that’ll happen is still an unknown.”

Your Backdoor into “New Space Race” Profits

Editor of Technology Profits Confidential, Ray Blanco shares his method for successfully investing in the new space race. “It’s still far off its all-time highs after the market’s tumble in 2020 and has a lot of room to grow.”

1 Chart Sums up the New Digital Economy

Former hedge fund manager and editor for Automatic Fortunes, Ian King shares how new technology has not only transformed Wall Street’s trading floors, but is changing businesses all across America. The changes will have massive implications these developments will have on the way we live, shop and commute. Plus, find out about the #1 stock set to profit because of it all.