Volatility, Shorts, and Market Holidays, Oh My!

Holiday trading season is upon us, with short trading days, high volatility and short squeezes and newbie traders gambling with the market, it can be a great time to find easy profits, or step back and study up.

It’s all Part of the Painful Process

Taking losses are part of the process of becoming a great trader. But you need to learn the right lessons from your losses, or its just money down the drain.

Take ‘Em Like a Man

I’ve suffered quite a few losses in the last month, but I don’t feel bad about it. It’s all part of the trading process, but there are a few key lessons that you can learn from my mistakes, and I’m here to teach you what they are.

The Best Way to Use This In Your Investment Strategy

Use This to Your Advantage in Your Investment Strategy

We already began looking at the different components of a stock quote: Ticker symbol… dividend yield… dividend per share… etc. I have a few more to cover with you today before talking about how you can use them as part of your investment strategy.

The Secret to Trading ANY Stock

I talk about penny stock patterns a lot, there is a reason for that. Patterns repeat themselves over and over. Once you can identify a pattern, you can use that knowledge to make huge profits.