[Charts] These Google Search Results Will Shock You

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That means the long-winded analysis is out, and some carefully selected charts are in.

So without further ado, check out these quick snapshots of:

  • The newest trend in digital payments.
  • Proof that Main Street isn’t afraid of the Inflation Boogeyman anymore.
  • And the next smartphone trend getting ready for takeoff!

(Digital) Palm Reader

If you’re still carrying a Constanza-wallet, you’d better check yourself! You’re about to be two generations behind the status quo.

You’ll recall that last week I shared how quickly digital wallets and mobile payment solutions soared to account for 75% of all consumer transactions.

Well, news out this week reveals that Amazon might help get rid of wallets of the digital or physical kind — completely!

The company is offering customers a $10 credit if they enroll their palm print in the company’s hand-scanning payment system, known as Amazon One.

And based on early data from Insider Intelligence, it seems the digital fast-forward catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic converted almost all the Luddites…

As you can see below, most consumers are open to biometric payment modalities.

biometrics payments Chart

Inflation Bogeyman

Newsflash: Panic attacks over inflation appear to be short-lived!

As you can see in the chart below, Google search volume for the “insidious thief” of inflation all but disappeared in the night.

More specifically, searches for the term “inflation” and “hyperinflation” are running at less than 20% of their early-May peaks.

google search volume Chart

Of course, I’ve been telling you to chill out about the fearmongering in the headlines over inflation. Instead, we should be focusing on outpacing inflation with our investments. But it never hurts to have more data to back up our courage.

The Last Big Smartphone Boom

We might be in the waning days of the smartphone boom. But one last smartphone-related mega-growth spurt is coming.

I’m talking about the 5G network buildout, which, ironically, will put the infrastructure in place to usher in the “next big thing” to kill off the smartphone once and for all.

As you can see in the chart below, we’re about to enter a hyper growth period, making it an ideal time to be on the lookout for compelling technology providers in the 5G market.

5g connections Chart

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Lou Basenese
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